Jennifer and Greg married at Wind in the Willows

I couldn’t wait for Jen and Greg’s wedding on Saturday! For one, it was at Wind in the Willows and I fell in love with this place when I first shot there last year. Second, Jen and Greg are such a fun photogenic couple. Krisha came to second shoot with me which was so much fun!
We got there early and weren’t sure whether the rain was going to hold off. They had a plan in action! Greg said he never analyzed rain so much in his life!
They decided to see each other before the ceremony so they could relax a bit more. Always a great idea in my book. The wind had kicked up and the temperate was dropping. But the rain held off! After the ceremony, and some fast family formals, we headed inside for chicken and beef kabobs and a huge table of home made cookies and chocolates! I guess it helps that Jen works at Hershey’s. My kids were loving the goodies I brought home! The DJ was playing what I thought was the best mix of music I have heard in a long time at a reception. Everyone filled the dance floor all night. Krisha and I held back…
Here are a few of my favs and your slideshow .

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Marina and Rich

Our second stop on Sunday was at the Brooklyn Bridge. This has to be a hot spot for weddings and tourists because of the view of the city. Plus that fact that there were 2 weddings there when we were. Crazy! We walked around the pier for a little, ate ice cream and then headed up to the bridge. We started walking and the next thing you know, we were across the bridge and into Manhatten. So…what the heck, why not keep shooting?! Well, first we made a Starbucks stop and headed over to ground zero. Then after 3 hours, took the subway back to our car and headed out. What a crazy and tiring day! But worth it!

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Darlene and Andrew…continued

So, Sunday was a crazy busy day! Liesa and I drove to NYC for 2 shoots. The first stop was in Queensfor Darlene and Andrew’s after session. I have to admit, I was a little nervous. First, I had never driven myself to NY. Second, Queens…I had I totally stereotyped. But it was a great place! Well, some people are nice, like the ice cream man and all the people staring. But, the mean lady that yelled at me for shooting in front of something that was not “typical” for a wedding dress, she, was not so nice. My friend Joe also came along to be our chauffer/shooter/bodyguard.
Take a look!

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Jacquie and Donald…married

Saturday, was beautiful! The weather is what I have been waiting for. Katie and I went to Cameron Estates for Jacquie and Donald’s wedding. Everyone was running around like crazy to get things done. This was a perfect example of a typical wedding day. Not everything is going to go the way you want and according to plan. So don’t stress over little things. Jacquie was so calm about everything! I was impressed!
After a quick ceremony run through, Jacquie got dressed for some quick shots and then headed down to the real ceremony. Afterward we took got the formals out of the way and had some fun!
The reception was held in the main house which was a nice change from the huge ballrooms. When we saw the cake from Rosie’s, I knew it was going to be awesome! The crazier the cake, the better!
After all the dances on the porch, we found a great spot to shoot more of the wedding party and have Jacquie and Donald to ourselves. Again, love when couples let me have total creative freedom! We had a blast! Here are some of my favs and your slideshow .

Location: Cameron Estates

Flowers: Foster’s Flowers

Cake: Rosie’s Creative Cakes

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Model shoot in Atlanta

During the workshop with the Bebbs in Atlanta, we went on a model shoot as an exercise. We worked in small groups and had complete freedom…well almost. It was a little nerve wracking, but I got some amazing images, despite dropping my camera. Ugh! Enjoy!!

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The Bebbinar

I had the most amazing opportunity this week to go to Atlanta Georgia for a 3 day workshop with Jen and Steve Bebb .. I have been waiting for this for months! I have gotten to know the Bebbs over the past year and knew we were going to have an incredible time. But not only that, I would learn how to better myself and my business.
It was 2 full, I mean FULL days of learning, sharing and shooting. There were only 10 of us total including the Bebbs and Mark Adams . from LaCour, so it was very intimate. By the time the 2 1/2 half days were over, no one held back. I went alone this time not knowing anyone really going into this. It was a good thing for me. This way I wasn’t distracted and could focus on what I needed to do.
I made new friends and realized, I am not alone in how my life is. We are all struggling to better our lives and now I have 7 more people to share it with. Thank you Jen, Steve, Mark, Ruth, Lee, Robin, Carrie, Katie and Chris. I will miss you guys!

Here are a few images. Some I didn’t take, obviously. I had the community camera.Sunrise in my hotel. Downtown AtlantaThe Bebb mobileRuth and SteveMe working hard

Jen and MarkI love this shot Mark got of Steve at dinnerChris and KatieAt Chris and Katie’s loft

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Jessica and Chad…married

Saturday, Katie and I started out in Lancaster for Jessica and Chad’s wedding. This is now the start of the crazy wedding season ahead!
This girl’s were right on schedule when we arrived. We found some great spot’s in the church for some fun formals since it was raining slightly. Once the girls were hidden we grabbed the guys quick before the ceremony for a shot or two. Then we headed to an old mill for something different. we had so much fun because they were up for anything.
The reception was held at the Harrisburg Holiday Inn where Chad worked, so it was great to be able to be in his own stomping grounds.
Thanks for letting us be a part of your day! Have fun in Mexico! And now.. the slideshow .

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Deb and Dan

Monday, the rain held off and I was able to meet Deb and Dan on City Island for their engagement session. They brought their sweet dog with them for something different.
This was a great spot for them since they live and work in the city and added that element into their shots. Her are just few from the afternoon.

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