Brittany and Jeff

Here ya go Brittany! The first new post!!!!
Saturday, Katie and I went to Carlisle for Brittany and Jeff’s wedding. Everything was being held at Whispering Pines. This was the first time either of us had been there. It was nestled in the woods away from the busy traffic. The landscaping was so beautiful and was backed up by gorgeous farm land. The girls arrived after we did, which gave us plenty of time to look around. Brittany didn’t want anyone to see her dress until the very last minute. It was stunning and so was she! We took a few fun shots in the suite before the ceremony because the heat was so bad outside, no one wanted to get sweaty before they had to. The ceremony was very emotional and God’s love was all around. I teared up quite a bit, especially as Brittany’s Dad gave her away. During the whole ceremony, Brittany couldn’t stand still. She was telling us beforehand how excited she was to marry Jeff. She knew he was the one since she was 12. Her excitement couldn’t be held in any longer. After the first kiss, she exploded in the hugest “Yeah” and smile I have ever seen!
Between the ceremony and reception, we walked around the property to shoot the bridal party and Brittany and Jeff alone. They were very adamant about using all the time we had for their shots and I was happy to oblige. We were finally called into the reception to start. Dinner was served, then a few toasts, shared memories and stories. The dance floored was packed all night. It was an awesome day! Here are some of my favorites and your show! Thanks for holding out a few more days for this!!

Ceremony and reception : Whispering Pines

Cake: A Matter of Taste

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Site Down

Just to give you all a little heads up, the site will be down tomorrow all day. I apologize for any inconvenience in advance.
Brittany and Jeff, I promise, your wedding will be up on Friday. Make sure to come back on Friday. It is going to be exciting!!!!


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Emma and Will

I got a call a little while ago from Jess who wanted to get her daughter Emma’s 3 year photos done, along with her son Will’s one year. This was the first time I would get to meet Will. For the past 3 years, Jess has come to me for Emma’s birthday photos in the summer so she can have her mini book to add to her series. I met them all last night for their session.
I love to watch how kids change over the years and the things they remember. Emma remember that last year she got to play in a fountain for her photos. I was blown away!
Will was so sweet and just naturally smiled…well, Jess was cranking out some crazy songs, but it made him laugh!
Here are just a few from last night. The light was amazing!

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Wii’d out

The best purchase I ever made (well sort of) was a Wii. This is something we can all play. Yes, even my 3 year old. I got him the game from CARS the movie and he wants to play it all the time…so much, he falls asleep holding the Wii-mote and his thumb is still pushed down driving the cars….. I just had to share.

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Emily and Patrick

Tuesday, I met Emily, Patrick and Buddha at Dickinson College for their engagement session. These two are so in love with their little dog that they brought him along. Poor little guy didn’t last too long in the heat, so Emily’s Mom took him back home. We then walked around Carlisle to find some great spots. This is where Emily grew up so she was sharing stories of different places and we reminisced about our favorite clothing store that was lost in a fire a few years ago. RIP Classic Rags……
I am very random when I shoot. I tell people all the time that I will be walking a certain direction and if I see something different, we will go there. So bear with me. After we were done and walking back to my car, I spotted the most beautiful tree and the sun was hitting it so perfectly. We made sure no one saw us sneaking up this driveway, shot it, and then took off. Not that anyone would have really yelled, but it was fun. Here are just a few from our session.

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Barb and Ross

Thursday, I met Barb and Ross in Lititz for their engagement session. Thank goodness the sun started to go down when we got there, because it was disgustingly hot. We had a great time despite the heat. Barb and Ross were so easy to photograph. I hardly had to give them any direction. You can tell that their affection it totally real. It just came so natural to them.
I am so excited to shoot their wedding in September! Here are a quick few…

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Lafferty’s Wedding

Friday night, Tony and I headed down to Annapolis for our friends Josh and Danielle’s wedding. I have known Josh since middle school as well as most of my close friends, so it is always great for us to gather. Saturday was the actual wedding at the Naval Academy. What an incredible Chapel! The wedding was very sweet and Josh and Danielle were grinning from ear to ear. They actually got married last year in a small ceremony before Josh left for Iraq, so this time, it was for everyone else. Josh had also just torn his bicep tendon and was in a wee bit of pain. But, he still smiled! We always have such a good time when we all get together….now we have 2 more friends that have yet to tie the knot…so maybe there will be another gathering soon…hint hint!! 😉

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Daphne and Richard…renewed

Saturday was a very special day. Daphne and Richard renewed their vows in front of all their family and friends. They were married last year, but had a small ceremony with just family. Last February, Richard was diagnosed with Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and they treated it very aggressively. No matter what though, Daphne and Richard were going to get married! You can see their wedding from last year here. I kept in touch with them after the wedding to check in and see how Richard was. As of May 24, 2007, he was cancer free. Saturday was the first time I saw Richard in about a year. I was so thrilled to see how great he looked! He said “no crying this time”, but I couldn’t help it! What a day of celebration and rejoicing! Daphne, Richard and everyone there were smiling all day! They held a full mass at St Mary’s again, but this time, a big reception was held at the Eden.
I am so happy to have been a part of this celebration again. You two are the best and I am truly blessed to know you and your families. I love you guys!!

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Thursday, I met Yuki, her Mom, sister and dog Momo at Long’s park for Yuki’s senior session. We had a lot of fun just walking and talking and especially when Yuki put on her ballet tutu. There we a few people in the park wondering what we were doing…
Here a just a few from the night.

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