Giving Back

So, if you haven’t checked it out already, go to our Giving back page. Here you will find a few ways to either give back yourself, get a discount or even free stuff!
We are giving away a free wedding every year to a deserving couple who wouldn’t normally be able to afford a wedding photographer. But, to make this an even better thing, my friend Mike Miller from Mixed Up Productions has offered his services for this as well! How awesome is that!!
So, if you know a deserving couple who needs a photographer and a DJ, write to us and tell us their story!
Also, if you were looking to save $200 off your wedding package,
definitely check out the Giving Back page!

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Isabella is ONE!!

Sunday was my last session in Isabella’s Baby’s First Year. She is ONE!! I can hardly believe it. But, this won’t be the last time you see her! When I got to the house, you could see that she got a ton of gifts for her birthday. The rooms were filled with new push toys and all kinds of colorful things. She was all over the place looking for something else. We were hoping that the weather would be little warmer to shoot outside, but we did manage to go out for a second so she could show off her new hat and boots! Enjoy guys!! Can’t wait to put your book together!

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Broderick..session 2

I headed over to York to photograph Broderick for his second session in his Baby’s First Year on Saturday. What a difference 3 months makes! He was full of smiles as soon as I walked in. Their dog Jake kept him quite amused as he tore around the house. But, time got away from us and Broderick let us know he was done. Check back to see him in a few more months when he is all over the place!

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Flashes of Hope

*names have been changed for privacy*
The first day I walked into the hospital, I wasn’t prepared mentally. I was told some of the kids wouldn’t be happy and smiling or have a lot of energy. I set my lights and back drop up in the lounge and waited for the first child to come in. “We are starting in transplant today.” I was told. OK. Not sure what that was, but how hard can going to a room be? I was instructed to put on “scrubs” and a face mask. “You’ll have to use the window light. Will you be OK with that?” She asked. “Sure, I am used to shooting in different light all the time”. I said. “How old is she?” “Three”.
Walking in, I saw the Mother get up off the couch that sat in front of a window that had gigantic colorful flowers painted on it. Glancing around the room, I saw photos from months before at Disney. Photos when she had hair and the most beautiful smile.
“Elizabeth isn’t felling too well today, but we want to do this” the mother said. “Sweetie, they are here to take your picture” “No! No, no more!” Elizabeth cried and hugged her mom.
I was confused for a second and then heard her mother say” Not more tests honey, she is here to take pictures with her camera” Elizabeth thought she was having more painful tests because to help her get treatment, they tell her it is pictures and the masks made her think we were nurses to take her again.
She was so frail. So tiny. I tried not to cry. The mask was making it difficult to breathe, but acted as a shield so no one could see my pain. My heart was wrenching, thinking that my son is her age as well. It was the hardest 5 minutes of my life.
Her mother sat back on the couch with her in front of the window and she rested her head. “Are you sure you want to do this today? I can come back another time” I said. “Elizabeth, do you want to do this?” “Yes.” She said. She forced a smile while a tear streamed down her face. I shot quickly and waited for the moments. “OK, sweetie, I am done. You go rest.” I walked out of the room and took off my “scrubs” and mask and wondered how can I keep going?
“We have to go into another transplant room.” What? I have to pull it together fast. More “scrubs” and another mask. “How old?” “22 months.” My heart sank.
I will get through this, I will get through this…. We knock. The door opens and there like a burst of sunshine is Daniel. He is running around the room and wanting to play hide and seek with Grandma. I teared up again because I was so happy he was going to be alright. We played, he snuggled with his mom and then went to the cabinet where he knew his favorite snacks were. I thanked them and said my goodbyes.
We headed back to the lounge after that and one by one, more kids and their families came in to have their portraits taken. Each child had a form of cancer or some other life threatening disease. I never asked, or even treated them as though something was wrong. I think it helped them get away from all the sick talk, even if it was for a short time.
The organization I am proud to be a part of is called Flashes Of Hope. It is a non profit organization that provides children and their families, portraits free of charge.
This has been a life changing experience for me and those who have come along to help me. These were amazing moments that I was able to document. Images that these families will treasure forever. For more information and how you can help please go to Flashes of Hope

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Click to help one woman

The Breast Cancer Site

If you have come to my site, you are more than likely a woman. Just statistics. Whether you are in your 20’s, 30’s 40’s or whatever, at some point, you should have a mammogram. Even if you aren’t a woman, at some point your Mom, wife or sister should have this test done. Some might not be able to afford this life saving test. With your help and literally 10 seconds of your time, one woman could have that life saving test. So please, take 10 seconds to click this banner and help save a life!
Come back everyday if you want and click it.
Thank you!!

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The Martin’s

Monday, I met the Martin’s at Strasburg railroad for a family session. This was a gift from her sister Dawn for Christmas.
Their son is really into train’s so they thought this would be the best place to keep his attention and to get some fun shots.

PS. Family sitting on the ground + someone laying in front of them with a camera = an open path to walk apparently…

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Kelly and David

Sunday, Kelly and David met me at Long’s Park for their engagement session. We have been so lucky with the weather lately and am glad we were able to get this in! I love doing engagement sessions for a chance to get to know my couple a bit more and for them to be more comfortable with me being with them their whole wedding day. Here are a few from our session. David, hopefully you got a chance to see some football afterward!!

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Emily and Patrick…married

What a way to end the season!!! Saturday, was Emily and Patrick’s wedding and our last of the year! From the moment I met these two, I knew we were going to be great friends. Emily and I are shop-o-holics and if there is a deal somewhere, we will email each other or call for the other to see it. So, going into this wedding, it was like going to hang out with friends.
Liesa and I met the girls in Hershey to get ready. I had seen Emily’s dress online, but in person, it was Amazing! She had everything out for me to photograph and once we got her dressed, we headed out to shoot. We ran into a few snags while shooting to say the least, but made the best of it and headed to the church…
They guys were just arriving as we got there, so I grabbed them quick for a few shots in between jokes and laughs. The ceremony was short and sweet, but not with out laughter as Patrick changed to words of his vows(not on purpose, I don’t think) and Emily’s excitement and fist pump as she finally got a ring on Patrick’s hand.
We had a little bit of time between the ceremony and cocktail hour for shooting so we did what we could at the church and then headed over to the Antique Auto Museum. Patrick’s brother and Emily’s sister gave the toasts before everyone was let into the showroom for cocktail hour and I headed to the lower level to check out the reception room. This was my first time at the Museum for a wedding and I was so impressed of how elegant it was. Right before dinner, Emily and Patrick came downstairs so we could shoot a bit more before everyone came in. I love this place…did I say that before?
Mike Miller, who is also a friend of Emily’s was DJ-ing. He was spinning the whole night and kept the dance floor filled! Liesa and I were pulled on quite a few times to dance.
My favorite part had to be when one of the younger cousins had a dance off with their friend OC. Then others came in and it got wild!!!
I could write so much more, but my I am not the best writer and I think my head is so full of memories from the night that I can’t express them. So here is your
show and few of my favs. I hope you finally made it to Jamaica….

Reception Antique Auto Museum

Flowers and Catering Jdk Catering

DJ Mixed Up Productions

Cake Sweet Confections Cakes

I love this shot Liesa got. I almost peed my pants at the reaction of the girls in the background!

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