Merry Christmas!

This has been quite an incredible year! We have had so many amazing clients and people come into our lives. I am truly thankful for each and every one of you. So many changes have happened this year, most for the better. We are continuing to grow everyday and learn from the things we have endured. I want to Thank everyone for being a part of this experience and to wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a blessed New Year! We are taking a few days off to spend with family and friends and will resume after the new year. Don’t panic if you already have things set up with us. Those are still on. Take care and see you in the New Year!!!

Leslie and Liesa

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Our family pics

Over Thanksgiving, my family traveled down to Tennessee to visit my friend Tina Wilson . I met Tina almost 2 years ago at a workshop and while she talked, I thought ” My gosh, that is my life!” The jobs she had, the things she had happen to her… It was crazy. So we definitely connected and became instant friends. I asked her to photograph our family this year since we don’t have any images of us hanging in the house. Tina told me there was this place she was dying to photograph at, but there were no trespassing signs everywhere. I told her I would go ask. We knocked and knocked, the place was empty, so we proceeded with caution. They turned out amazing!!! Here are my favorites and you can see more on her blog here .

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That’s a wrap!

Thank you all so much for playing in the contests we had for the past 2 weeks. It was a nice break and I wanted to pay back all my loyal blog followers and friends for supporting me throughout the year. Although weddings are done for a few weeks, we still have some sessions and some amazing announcements on the way. (nail biters)
But first….. Congratulations goes to Sarah!!!!!! This girl has been die hard blog stalking every single day!! We had a few people who answered all the question correctly and were thrown in a hat and Braden picked the winner this morning. Sarah, Cameron Estates will be sending the gift directly. So thank you all and keep coming back!!!! Happy Holidays!!!!

Leslie and Liesa

ps. here are the answers

1. featured perfume – Betsy Johnson perfume

2. site gallery 2 cities Manhattan and Brooklyn

3. red dress worn by Amanda

4. rings (chili peppers Jacquie and Donald)

(green umbrella Katie and Eric)

5. moms b-day October 10th

6. caped crusader engagement photo Batman with Lauren and Mike

7. organization featured in People Flashes of Hope

8. Catholic wedding Patron Saint was St. Francis of Assisi (Patron of animals) church allowed Spencer, the dog, to walk down the aisle with the ring bearer and flower girl

9. movie fest day after summer engagement shoot Blob Fest (movie The Blob)

10. Leslie met husband when 13 yrs. old at Camp Yolijwa

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Contest #9 the last one

Congratulations goes to Molly, who was the only one who guess the cats name. It is Gilbert. He came creeping in the back door of the studio the other night and Liesa just said, ” Awww, Gilbert!” So it stuck!Our last and final contest will last for 2 days. You are playing for a one night stay at the Cameron Estate Inn . If you have never been to or have seen the Cameron Estate Inn, you should check out the site. Their rooms are so beautiful and the meals are incredible!! This is one of my favorite venues!! Need a romantic getaway?? Looking for the perfect gift?
All you have to do is go on a little website scavenger hunt and answer these few questions.

1. In Emily and Patrick’s wedding, what perfume makes an appearance?

2. In the Collections on the main site, what 2 cities are seen in the same image?

3. I had one bride this season that didn’t rock a traditional ‘white’ gown, who was it and what color was it” ?

4. Whose rings are these?

5 When is my Mother’s Birthday?

6. What caped crusader made a backdrop for an engagement shoot?

7. What organization do I belong to that is featured in this weeks issue of People Magazine?

8. In a recent catholic wedding, what Saints day was it and what did the church allow because of it?

9. What movie Fest was being celebrated the day after a summer engagement shoot?

10. Where did I meet my husband Tony and how old was I?

Drop me an email with your answers. Only correct answers will be eligible for the drawing.

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Contest #8

Congratulations to Wendy for winning the $50 Debby Doodle gift card! I will get that out to you soon!

Contest #8 is for a $150 gift card for Us! You can use this on yourself for a family, kid or any other session, or give it to someone who has never been photographed by us.
The prizes are getting bigger and we have one more after this that will go for 2 days!

Liesa and I “adopted” a studio cat. What did we name him? Leave us a comment with your guess. If more than one person guesses it right, we will draw names.

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Contest #7

Well, that was pretty easy! Congrats to Matt, Sarah, Angela and Melissa who all get Sunergy gift cards. Drop me an email with your addresses and I will get those gift cards to you.
Contest # 7 is for a $50 gift card to Debby Doodles . This is a company of a good friend of mine who does custom embroidery for baby clothes and other items. Debby has made a few things for me recently and they are beautiful! So if you have someone who is expecting or you want something unique for your own child, this is the contest for you!!

Here are 8 Celebrity baby names. All you have to do is email me at with the parents of these lucky babies!!

1. Bailey Jean
2. Emerson Rose
3. Zuma Nesta Rock
4. Grier Hammond
5. True Harlow
6. Fiona Eve
7. Kal-El Coppola
8. Denim Cole

We will draw the name out of a hat for the winner! Good luck!

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Contest #6

Today we have 4 gift cards from Sunergy Mobile Tan up for grabs! This is a great and safe alternative to tanning beds if you are looking for something fast for your wedding, trip or special occasion. They will even come to you!!! (Central Pa) How awesome is that??
Do you go from dead to pale in the sun? Are you so fair, you glow in the dark? 😉 This one is easy. Leave us a comment about why you REALLY need to win this. Remember, we have 4 to give away so your chances are good! We will do a drawing for the winners.

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#5 winner

Congratulations Keith on your admission to the fact that you own such a vast collection of Vanilla Ice albums! I’ll get this gift card off to you soon!! PS. I need pics!! ;p~~~
We will resume our give-aways starting on Monday. We have 4 to give away then! Have a wonderful weekend!

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