Boudoir Marathon (few spots left)

April 26th, we are having another day of Boudoir sessions. Each session will consist of hair and makeup done by professionals and an hour long shooting session. We have 5 spaces available. Please e-mail me if you would like to schedule a time! It is first come first serve and spaces go fast!

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Flashes of Hope

I am always humbled when I go to a shoot for Flashes of Hope. Last week was no exception. I like to have someone with me on these shoots because I never know what the day will be like and if I will be ok to go home. The experience is like nothing you can imagine. My friend Darah came with me. This was the first time she had been to one of these, so I prepared her on the phone. At any point she couldn’t handle it, I said she could go. We had an incredible day. Most of our shoots were in transplant. Only 2 of them were in our make shift studio. To learn more about Flashes of Hope, you can go to their website and read more here to learn about the incredible way they are helping to make serious situations a little bit easier on the children going through them.

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The Wedding Salon Bridal show in New York City

Yesterday, Kris and I drove up to NYC to meet with Kelly Steadman,
Jill and Lindsey, and
Jonnaysa Kirkham to got to the Wedding Salon Bridal show at the Roosevelt hotel. We met at Rockefeller Center and notice a big commotion… it was Mario Lopez taping a segment for Extra. Love those dimples!!
Starving from the car ride up, we went to lunch at the Spa in Saks Fifth Ave and enjoyed a bit of window shoe shopping.
The line was out the door for the bridal show. I only snapped a few pics in the show because I was too busy talking and eating cake samples…but Jill has more on her blog
, so check them out! We did have a good time, but I am thinking we should go back when it is a bit warmer….

Living Art???

This bar was completely made of ice! Sylvia Weinstock, Jill, Lindsey and JonnaysaTime Square! It was sooo cold!

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AC Photog Shoot Out

This past weekend I went to Atlantic City for a Photog Shoot out. This group was formed to give photographers a chance to shoot for themselves, learn from each other and laugh a lot! We had about 8 models, numerous hair and make-up girls, and almost 100 photographers show up. The weather was cold and rainy, but the models we so good about it. The next Photog Shootout is scheduled for Lancaster and I am going to be hosting.
You can check out the Facebook Page if you are a photographer and want to come SHOOT LEARN LAUGH!

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Baby Brody

Christy and I grew up 2 houses apart from each other when we were very young. She was my best friend and by fate, became sort of related to me. We always teased saying we were step half cousins. Then, when we were in Middle School, she moved away. Through the years, we have kept in touch and were at each others weddings, and now through the power of facebook, we can talk and keep up with each others lives. A few weeks ago, Christy had her son Brody. I told her it has been too long since we saw each other, so I was driving to do Brody’s first baby session. He is so sweet! And so perfect! Here are just a few from yesterday.

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Brides, grooms, wedding parties needed

We are looking for Brides and Grooms, as well as small wedding parties and even couples for a photographer shootout. There will be about 50 or more photographers here. This is a teaching and learning exercise and models will receive images as compensation as well as good food and drinks after. You can be a past or present client. You don’t even have to be my client! This will be on Monday April 20, 2009. You will need to be at my studio at 12 pm for hair and makeup.
Please call or email me for more details.
Please include a recent photo of all those involved. Thanks!!!

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Tiffany and John…married

Saturday was a big day! Tiff and John’s wedding!!
I met Tiffany about 7 years ago when I had a day job during the week. We became instant friends. When she found out back then that I did wedding photography, she told me when she got married, she wanted me to shoot the wedding. Last year, Tiff called to say she was engaged. I was ecstatic! Over the next few months, we talked a lot about the plans for her wedding.
When Tiff and her girls arrived at John’s parents house, she took my breath away! She was so excited I was there. Krisha came with me to shoot this wedding because we had mutual friends and it made the day so much fun!
After freezing our butts off shooting the girls, we headed downtown to
Sacred Heart for the ceremony. Then, the troopers they were, the entire wedding party walked a few blocks to an old warehouse for some fun. Later it was off to
Lancaster Country Clubfor the reception.
DJ Freez
was already set up and ready to go when we arrived. Once everyone was there, the party got started. A few toasts, dinner and a whole lot of dancing! Tiff wanted to try some sparkler shots during some down time, but the wind and a few dud sparklers prevented us from getting what we wanted. But we still had a few laughs in the process. Enjoy you honeymoon in Jamaica and your

Cake Rosie’s Creative Cakes

Flowers All Things Beautiful

DJ DJ Freez

Reception Lancaster Country Club

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Hamilton Club Bridal Show

Liesa and I were invited to do the Hamilton Club’s
Bridal show this past Sunday with a small group of vendors. Lori Hemphill
organized and ran this lovely event! It was so nice to be able to talk to each bride as they came through instead of the big shows where it is just a grab and go for information.
If you didn’t get the chance to talk to us, please call or email!
Thanks Ole for setting up your camera for these!

Our booth. We brought the studio to the show.

Liesa and Me!The photog crew at the show and some crashers… (i.e support)

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