It’s that TIME!!!

Summer is almost over and it is time to start thinking about the Holiday’s!

We are offering mini sessions, now until Nov 1st. Each session is a 30 minute in studio session that will include 50 – 5×7 Holiday cards for $150.
Full sessions and extra cards are also available.

Call or email to book your session early!

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Jacqueline’s Senior session

Jacqueline’s session had been planned for some time now! I was very excited to finally get to shoot this! We started off at Barnes and Noble because this is one of Jacqueline’s favorite places to go with her friends. Then we headed into the city to get a bit of urban ballerina going on! We had a such a fun time talking, especially about our shoe obsessions!! A girl after my own heart!
Here are some of my fav’s!

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The Rodruan’s

Barb and Ross had been planning an Anniversary present for his parents for a while. Barb wrote to me and asked if I would be willing to come to Rehobeth Beach to shoot family portraits while they were vacationing down there. Of course I would!!!
They had to let Ross’ parents in on the surprise ahead of time to prepare. We had such a fun time on the beach and then headed to a local park, where they all played on the kiddie toys! Happy Anniversary!!! I hope you enjoy these!

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You do parties?

I was approached a while ago my good friend Jodie to host her daughters 5th birthday party. She wanted something small and something different. So we came up with a portrait party! Gigi invited 4 friends to come over to the studio and we set it up for a party. There were giftbags, TONS of food and presents for Gigi! I was around documenting the party and also letting the girls pose for the camera.
So, this gave me the idea to start hosting small portrait parties! If you are trying to figure out what kind of party to have for your little Diva and her friends, why not a super model party with a runway? A tea party with dress-up? The possibilities are endless. Give us a call if you are interested! We’ll talk details!

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Meghan and Carlos

I tell all my couples, that an engagement session is like a “get to know you” session, to get used to me being around with my camera and getting a feel for how I do things. Meghan and Carlos wanted to find the right spot for their shoot. They didn’t want to go where their friends went, so after some discussion, we found a place. Everyone asks, “what do you want us to do?” I say, ” be yourselves and be natural” Meghan and Carlos did just that. They said how they never get to see each other very often throughout the week and they never get to stare at each other so much. Their affection for each other came out instantly and you could see just how much they love each other with every caress and embace. They are so sweet to work with! Can’t wait for your wedding in a few weeks!

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Camp Can Do with Flashes of Hope

Each summer, the American Cancer society helps organize a camp for kids who are have or have had cancer of some sort. This is a week during the summer where they can get away from everything and make new friends with other kids who are going through the same thing. Flashes of Hope also comes each year to photograph portraits of them during their camp experience.
I am so thankful that I can continue to shoot for Flashes of Hope and give them something to remember their time at camp.

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I have been doing a lot more actor headshots recently and I am loving them!! Sarah came to the studio on Tuesday for her session!
We had so much fun! Here are just a few.

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Lauren and Brian…married Hamilton Club Lancaster

Saturday was another scorcher, but beautiful! My friend Krisha came to shoot Lauren and Brian’s wedding with me. We met all the girls at Lauren’s parents house while they got hair and makeup done. Then they jumped on the trolly to race to the church. After a sweet ceremony by Lauren’s childhood neighbor, I took the Trolly with the whole wedding party to capture the fun and shoot their not so formals. Once we finished, we all met back at The Hamilton Club in Lancaster where Jonnaysa and Diana from Planned Perfection were waiting for us. Everything went absolutely amazing! The food was the best I have ever had! After dinner, I snuck Lauren and Brian downstairs to the bowling alley for some quiet time and few shots! While were were down there, we could hear everyone dancing. Chris Garrett of Mixed up Productions DJ kept everyone on the dance floor all night! Lauren, I hope you actually made it out to dance at least once! Enjoy your honeymoon!

Reception and Cake Hamilton Club

DJ Mixed up Productions DJ

Flowers All Things Beautiful

Coordination Planned Perfection

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Kirstin and Liam

Kirstin and Liam were just so cute! They giggled all the time and said ” We’ll do whatever you want us to!” This was perfect!
We met at Meadow View Plantation in Mount Joy for their engagement session where they are actually having their reception. The sun was in that sweet place mid way through the session so we used it as much as possible.
I can’t wait for their wedding here next year!

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Kelly and Tony…married

Whew! It has been a while in between weddings with vacation, California and the open house…. We are now back in action!
Saturday, I was able to shoot Kelly and Tony’s wedding with my friend Nicole . They were married at the Mechanicsburg Brethren in Christ Church. Nicole and I got there before anyone else to get settled and shoot all the details. Kelly arrived alone in her limo and as soon as she started down the sidewalk, I turned to Nicole and said ” She looks like Katerine Heigl!” Kelly doesn’t get that everyone says that, but all day, she looked more and more like her! She was so stunning in her gown!
After the ceremony, we took the wedding party out in the shade of the willow trees where I was knee deep in brush and the guys kept teasing that there was some sort of creature ready to get me! I swear this was the hottest day of the summer so far. Kelly and Tony beared the heat and went on a mini hike with us to the upper outdoor chapel for a bit of alone time. Once we were soaked with sweat, we headed to the reception at the New Cumberland Holiday Inn so they could cool off before everything started. It was a beautiful day!! Tony wanted to surprise Kelly with their honeymoon trip, but someone let it slip… so, have fun in St. Lucia!

Cake Pennsylvania Bakery

DJ Amajk DJ

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