Jim and Annette

These two are so cute!! I met Jim and Annette on a very soggy day in Downingtown. We were down to the wire to shoot their session because the wedding is this December. Luckily the rain wasn’t too bad and we were able to sqeeze this in!!

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Kristi and Jeff…married Lancaster Convention Center

As I sit down to write this blog, my eyes are still welled up with tears. I will explain….
Liesa and I arrived at the new Lancaster Convention Center and Hotel for Kristi and Jeff’s wedding. The girls were getting ready in the suite. While Kristi hair was being finished, I grabbed her bouquet to shoot it. Jonnaysa told me to not let Kristi see the locket that was tied to it.. Kristi’s Father passed away a few years ago and her Mom wanted her Father to be with her during her wedding. When I was done shooting the bouquet and fighting back the tears, I handed it to Kristi’s Mom to give to her. I managed to shoot a few frames before the tears kept me from focusing. I knew what she was going through having lost my Dad not too long ago. These moments get me every time.
So, once all the girls were finished up, we went downstairs to shoot around the hotel since it was pouring!
We then walked across the street to the Trinity Lutheran Church for the ceremony. This was the first time we have been to this church and it is so beautiful!! The ceremony went quick and smoothly. We snapped a few family formals and then headed outside since the rain tapered off. Kristi bought a bunch of white umbrellas because rain was in the forecast, so we had to use them! We didn’t go too far in case the rain started again, which it did right as we were finishing up.
Everyone headed upstairs to cocktail hour while Liesa and I snuck into the reception hall. WOW!! Very elegant!
Studio Jenz did all the lighting of the fabulous centerpieces from All Things Beautiful and the delicious cake from Rosie’s Creative Cakes. Kristi and Jeff had the best candy bar as well which we had to use for the ring shots.
Once everyone was inside the reception, This is Masquerade had everyone on the dance floor all night!
The day went so smoothly thanks to Planned Perfection. I always know it’s going to be a good day when Jonnaysa is there.
Kristi and Jeff, thank you for letting us be part of you day! (Kristi sorry we kept making each other cry!) Big hugs and love!

Coordinator Planned Perfection

Cake Rosie’s Creative Cakes

Flowers All Things Beautiful

Band This is Masquerade

Lighting Studio Jenz

Reception Lancaster Convention Center

Video Deswert Productions

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Liz and Ryan

After a few delays and rescheduling, I was able to meet with Liz and Ryan for their engagement session. We stuck around here for this and I was able to bring the studio outside again. It seems like time is flying by because their wedding is only a few months away!! Can’t wait!!

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Bill, Jess, Emma and Will

Yesterday, I met Jess and her family up at the Etown train station for her family session. This is probably the last time we will get to shoot there because unfortunately for me, they are renovating to bring it back. So we took this opportunity for one last shoot.
Jess usually brings the kids to me at least once a year. This was the first time we got to shoot them as a family. I love watching my clients children grow over the years and I am so thankful that they keep coming back!! Here are a few from our session.

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The Scott Family

Yesterday, I met the Scott’s at their home for their Family session. Right away the kids started running around and hamming it up for me. The light was so amazing and so was their property that sat along the river right next to a covered bridge. Crazy, I know! We had such a fun time!

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Jody, Megan and Connor

Jody contacted me a bit ago to do a family session with her and her kids. She actually overheard one of my brides talking about me and told her, she was an admitted blogstalker! That’s when she decided to call.
She wanted to do something fun and not your typical portraits. 2 seconds after meeting her, I knew we would get along amazingly! Megan and Connor we so much fun too! They were able to just let go and do whatever they wanted. This was such a refreshing session! I didn’t even see Megan pop in here until I was editing. Little sneak!

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Holly and Craig

Holly and Craig met me at Allenberry Playhouse for their engagement session. They thought it would be a great place to shoot because of all the leaves changing and it is such a beautiful place. We cracked up so much during their shoot that it made photographing them very easy!

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Nicole and Sinan…married Warwick Hotel

Nicole has the type of laugh that can get you out of any bad mood. Everytime I heard her, she put a smile on my face. Most of the time, when she was giggling, it was at Sinan.
Liesa and I met Nicole, Sinan and their families at the Warwick Hotel in Philly. Technically, they were already married, but wanted to have the big ceremony and reception for the families.
They saw each other before the ceremony to do all their photos. We had the chance to walk around the city a bit with the wedding party as well.
They held both the ceremony and reception in the same room, but flipped it between. You would have never know it was the same room. It was so wonderful to see the two cultures come together and celebrate Nicole and Sinan. What a fabulous day!!!

Ceremony and Reception Warwick Hotel

Dj and Lighting Synergenic Sounds

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4 sisters

Four different personalities!
Though the power of Facebook, I was able to reconnect with a childhood friend Tiffany, who just had her 4th daughter. She asked me if I would photograph the girls. Umm, yeah!!! So she brought them over this weekend and I took each one out separately to capture who they were. Of course we did a bunch of all the girls together until the baby passed out from exhaustion!
Here are a few of Tiff’s girls!!

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