Heather and Mike

Heather and Mike seemed super quietand reserved when I met them for the first time….Boy was I wrong! Haha!
We met last week for their engagement session in Lancaster. Heather was a ball of giggles and we had an absolute blast walking around shooting. They were open to anything. Can’t wait for the wedding in December!!

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The Huber’s

Aren’t they precious? I met the Huber’s in Lititz for their family session. The kids and I hit it off right away. The light was perfect and the leaves were right at their peak. I couldn’t have asked for a better day!

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Angie and Ira

Angie and I have been friends for years. When she got engaged, I was on the list of the first people she called so that I was open for her wedding date. I am so excited for her and Ira! We had so much fun walking through the city and having that comfort level with someone made the images even better. I can’t wait for next year to celebrate with you both!

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Jackie and Jason…Married Clipper Magazine Stadium

We LOVE you, our faithful blog followers.
But we also know, you got things to do and we wanna keep you moving.
To do that – were issuing a ‘Situation’ ( Oh, I did bring some j.shore to this post ) to our blog-blurbs . . . with some ( Liesa’s PERSONAL fave. )

Luckily Jackie & Jason get to kick this new trend off.
Clipper stadium –
Perfect fall day for J squared.
Let’s play some corn hole.
the lg team.

Wedding Clipper Magazine Stadium

Flowers – Flowers, Herbs and Art 717-684-0040

Cake House of Clarendon

Reception Lancaster Marriott

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Tiff’s Girls

Last year, I got to reconnect with a friend from elementary school and photograph her 4 daughters. This year, she wanted me to do it again since her youngest is now one. The breeze and the beautiful sun made everything perfect!

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Elizabeth and Frank…married West Shore Country Club

10.10.10 was a huge deal this year!! We had the pleasure of photographing Elizabeth and Frank’s wedding along side some of the best vendors ever!
This day Elizabeth had been planning for a long time. She had every detail accounted for, starting with her custom made gowns to the engravings on the cake forks. Nothing was overlooked!
We all met over at Pleasant Field Bed and Breakfast where both wedding parties got ready. The guys were in a small cottage watching football while the girls were getting dolled up in the house.
The ceremony was held in one of the most beautiful churches we have seen in a long time. It look like something out of a painting.
Elizabeth’s gown was the perfect finishing touch.
When it was time for the reception at the West Shore Country Club, Katie and I ran into the ballroom before anyone else so we could photograph it untouched. AMAZING!!
After a few toasts, dinner and a little dancing, Elizabeth changed into another dress and came out to a choreographed dance where her and Frank wowed the crowd! I have never heard guests cheer so loudly!
The reception then continued to the wee hours of the morning…. What a DAY!!! I am so happy you both enjoyed every minute!!

Invitations and Stationary Anticipate Invitations

Dresses Daniel Thompson Bridal

Church First Lutheran

Flowers Jeffrey’s Flowers

Lighting and Linens Event design by JDK

Coordination Susan Moran at JDK

DJ Chris Garrett at Mixed up Productions

Cake House of Clarendon

Video Christopher Lee

Makeup Carmina Cristina

Reception West Shore Country Club

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Holly and Craig..married Ski Roundtop

All the bridesmaids were huddled in the a group. They stood beneath the lush green trees, that completely lined the lake.
Holly’s sister looked at her and said ” Is it everything you thought it would be? ”
“It’s everything. . . and more ” Holly replied.

Holly and Craig decided to see each other before the wedding ceremony, so they could have more oppurtunites to spend with their guests, and get a lot of photos done beforehand. ( WE PROMISE YOU, it is like getting the best of both worlds. ) If anyone tells you seeing each other before the ceremony ruins tradition or takes away from the initial “WOW” factor – well, they never met Holly and Craig.

The passion between Holly and Craig was so abundant and so kind, it brought everyone to tears (we’d be lying if we said we didn’t use the camera as a tear-guard throughout the entire day.)
Holly has this personality, it’s the craziest thing – no matter what mood she’s in, you just want to mimic it. If she is smiling, you smile.
If she is laughing, everyones laughing. If Holly looks like shes about to cry, everyones bawling.
Craig is so kind and gentle, I dont think Holly’s train ever touched the ground when he was around.

Holly and Craig – you two are perfect for each other, and to experience a love so powerful like that, is truly amazing.

We can’t begin to thank you for letting us share the day with you.

the lg team.

Wedding and Reception Ski Roundtop

DJ Occasions DJ

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Attention gmail user brides…

If you have a gmail email address and have inquired with us and never heard anything, apparently our emails are not coming through. I sincerely apologize. We have not ingnored anyone’s inquiry. Please feel free to email us again and we will be sure to get back to you by other means. Thanks so much!!

****UPDATE***** Apparently is is any email address. So if you have contacted us over, oh, let’s say the past YEAR and haven’t heard back, it is because of this issue. I sincerely apologize. We are working to get it fixed. So, hit us up again and we will be sure to find a better way to be in touch… The phone is a wonderful invention…. ************

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Katie and Nelson…married Liberty Forge

Katie and Nelson were married on Friday!!! We were looking forward to seeing them both again since we did their engagement session
in NYC. They both loved what we do and let us have total creative freedom all day! When Nelson told me that they were using his Dad’s VW van, I couldn’t stop thinking about what I wanted to do.
We had such a perfect day!

Ceremony and Reception Liberty Forge

Flowers Backwoods Florist

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