20 years, Boudoir and accountability

I’ll be the first to admit, I am horrible at keeping up with my blog.  Part of me thought that no one was really looking at it but then the other part was too busy.  I realize that people do look and I am so far behind that it looked like I wasn’t doing anything at all.  Definitely NOT the case.  So, I am going to do my best to keep up with it and share all of the amazing things that happening with Leslie Gilbert Photography!  

First, this year marks my 20th Year in business.  Crazy to me to think that 20 years has gone by already.  Then I look at my oldest son and realize, HE is 20 and I started this right after he was born.  I wanted a way to be home with him yet pursue my passion with photography which is everything that I dreamed of since I was in 6th grade.   

Besides the wedding side of this business, I am working on creating one of the areas biggest and most luxurious Boudoir studios.  As I am getting older, and realizing the ups and downs of being a woman and the power of body positivity.   I personally have been working on myself and my struggle with body dis-morphia.  I want to help women see how amazingly beautiful they are.  We as women need to lift each other up instead of tearing each other down for what isn’t the normal or what social media is telling us is what we should look like.    So as I work on me and this blog, keep an eye out and check back often or even drop me a message of encouragement if you see me slacking…    Here’s to an AMAZING year ahead!    

  XOXO,   Leslie    

PS. playing a little catch up…. here are my lovely couples from the rest of the year!

Two grooms on a roof at sunset
Bride and groom walking
Bride and grom at Excelsior Lancaster
Bride and groom Hershey Pa
Bride and groom holding hands
Bride and groom at Excelsior
Cork Factory wedding
Groom and groom on couch
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Liesa and Tom… Married

For Liesa,

At Starbucks they met
Barista and news film guy
Now they are Kniers


Some of you will remember Liesa. Not only as one of my good friends and partner in crime, but as my second shooter.

She is a tricky one….here is why…
A few months ago, I got an inquiry from “Ali McDougal” asking if I was available on June 23, 2018. We went back and forth trying to schedule a meeting but she kept being flaky and never got back to me about an official time to meet. Finally, we picked a day and I was running behind to get to the studio early to meet “Ali”. I ran up the stairs, opened the vestibule door and there stood Liesa. I was so thrown off because I have not seen her in a long time. I said “Hey, what are you doing here?” She says, ” I am Ali.” Tears and hugs came after because this little blonde finally caught up to what was actually happening! “OMG you are getting married?!?” She said it was going to be a surprise and no one really knew about it. They were planning to invite everyone to her “graduation/engagement party”
Liesa pulled it off! Last night, we watched from her parents bedroom window as guests arrived on a shuttle to be greeted with “Welcome to our Wedding” after walking through a pathway of “WE ARE” balloons (PENN STATE) and being utterly confused, then so excited!  I barely kept it together all day…she barely kept it together…  Before she walked down the aisle, I said “Yo, you got this!” Then she took her hanky the read “hold your Shit together” and walked down the aisle.

I was beyond humbled as she asked me to shoot her wedding.  She said, “We have watched so many brides come down the aisle together. I couldn’t imagine my day without you there.”
I wouldn’t have been anywhere else.
I have watched her grow up and become such an amazing woman! I can not wait to see what her and Tom’s future holds… hopefully somewhere closer to Lancaster…

Here are all the vendors who never once blew the surprise..

Flowers: Splints and Daisies

DJ and officiant : Provolve Entertainment

Photography, Hair and Makeup:  Leslie Gilbert

Event Planners/ Day of coordination : Taryn Blake Events

Food Trucks:  Roost Uncommon Kitchen

Sarah’s Creamery

Bartending: Good Spirits Lancaster

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