Lindsay and Ryan

Saturday, Katie and I had the joy of photographing Lindsay and Ryan’s wedding. They got married at Jerusalem Luthran Church in Rothsville. It was under construction in certain parts, but we found some interesting spots for photo ops. We made the most of our time since the limo was late picking them up to our second destination for formals, since it broke down…. We didn’t have much daylight left, so we all jumped in 3 cars and headed out. So, instead of an hour or so for formals that Lindsay had wanted, we had 10 minutes. We got them done just in time. Then we were off to the Revere Tavern for the reception. I love doing receptions there because the food is awesome!!
Ok, so I should explain the penguins…I have never seen anything like this before. When we got to the church we saw this big box of penguins. They felt like stress relievers. Katie and I were like little kids playing with these things. So as you can see we had some fun….Then we were informed that Lindsay and Ryan love penguins, but these weren’t the right ones they ordered. So the company sent them the right ones and they used them at the reception. How cute are they!!! I hope you guys have a great “fly by night” honeymoon!
Here is your show!

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