Melissa and Gregory

2 weeks ago, Melissa called me from Hawaii to tell me she was engaged. She wanted to know if I was available on January 3rd. This January 3rd? Yes! Since she was coming home for Christmas, why not? It was a Wednesday, so I didn’t see there being scheduling conflict! 🙂
I have known Melissa for the past 10 years since I moved to Mount Joy. She is a bit distantly related by marriage, but we are all famliy anyway! I was honored to do this wedding. Gregory has to be the most polite, charming and considerate person I have ever met. You can tell he is totally in love with Melissa by the way he looks at her. He told me that the first time he ever saw her, he knew she was it! That was in May!! What an amazing couple!
So, they had a small wedding at our church and a mini reception afterward. Then as dusk grew closer, we raced to Longwood Gardens where we had a great time sneaking around to secluded spots. There is a much longer story to our visit there, but I will leave that for another time. Well guys, here is part one of your wedding slideshow….hopefully I can be there for part Two in Hawaii this summer!! Enjoy your show!

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