First Tuesday

Every first Tuesday of the month, 7 of us get together for dinner to catch up on each others lives. Many of us have been friends since Middle and Highschool. Others married into our close knit group. I have to say, I look forward to this night every month because it is kid free and worry free. We can just sit back and enjoy each others company. Last night was way over due because, last month it snowed and we postponed. But it was a special first Tuesday b/c Karren and Ryan became new parents in January. One thing that is nice about our little group is that we are always there for each other. When one of us pops out a kid, we go to their house bearing lots and lots of food! I am still stuffed from last night! Ryan has always joked and called our group the “Player Haters” because some of the Husbands think we sit around all night and complain about them…..I wouldn’t say all the time…… 😉
So, Burke got Rayna a t-shirt and she is now an honorary member!Back to front: Christy, Burke, Karren, Angie, Chrissy and Rayna, Heather, Me

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