I have more sessions to blog about, but wanted to get these up first.
Today we went on another field trip. I originally wanted to take the kids to the Baltimore Aquarium, but need more time to plan that one. So instead, we did another mini field trip to the Whitaker Center in Harrisburg. “Aliens” the exhibit is running through the fall. I knew Kobe would enjoy this because he is such a geek for knowledge. For those that know Kobe, know it is true. With the Alien admission, you had access to the science center also. We ran around through that first, until a huge group of kids came in from a day camp and took the place over. So we headed down stairs to the Aliens…….it was interesting, but I think the kids had a little more fun upstairs doing all the weird experiments. But, it was totally worth it to finally hear Kobe say that he had a great time! He is a tough one! He also like to avoid the camera now. So I really wasn’t playing favorites today with the pics!

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