Tree decorating

A couple weeks ago, we put up our Christmas tree. It has been a few years since we had a real tree and this year was going to be no different. I just don’t like to clean up the needles, or remember to water it. I needed to get a new fake tree this year…. Ours was a hand me down from my Mom, (She gave it to us when she decided she wanted the pre-lit one from QVC. ) and I think was the ugliest fake tree ever. The branches were spread so far apart, that even after re-arranging them, you had to add filler ornaments just so you couldn’t see though to the other side. Plus, it was so tall, that we had to bend the top of it down and had to put a Santa hat on the top because no angel or star would fit.
I went to Kmart since they were on sale and I can’t see spending a boat load of money on a tree….. This baby was pre-lit and came in three pieces! I was so excited when I got it together and turned on the lights! Then I hear….” Why are all the light white?” What? Are you kidding me? I got an all white light tree! I never even thought about looking to see if it had colored lights. But, it was too late. I was not taking this bad boy back. It is nice though. It really brightens up the room. We still don’t have an angel for the top….
The kids had a blast decorating. I turned on the Christmas music like we do every year when we decorate. Kobe wanted to hang everything, and Braden put everything all in one spot on the bottom. I just left them go. Here are 2 shots of my Christmas joy!

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