Tampa…DWF 2008

I am finally back for a while! Right after the new year, I headed down to Tampa for the Digital Wedding Forum convention. What an amazing trip! I got to reconnect with old friends and meet some new amazing ones that will be in my life forever! This trip I learned so much about myself. This was not like other conventions and I know we all feel the same way. We had a ton of fun too. Each night we went out to karaoke, dancing, the Aquarium for a party, and each night, I stayed up to at least 5:30 am and learned more than I did in class. We even put on a mock wedding “The Wedding From Hell” as a teaching tool for what to do in any situation. Yours truly was the Maid of Honor! Just imagine the most extreme things happening at a wedding. Dresses too short, crazy Mother’s, drunk groomsman. everything…. The 3 photographers were awesome and handled everything we threw at them! Here are some from Susan Stripling
I also was able to spend a few days talking to Tony Hewitt. He is a photographer and motivational speaker. He would sit up with us at night and really get us thinking about who we are and what path we should be on. I am a different person because of him.
I had a mentoring session with Jen and Steve Bebb who really gave me a swift kick in the butt. Because of them…you will be seeing something a little different around here…
Thank you to all my friends new and old who made this trip what it was!!
And now on to the pics……Me and RitaHumza and DesireeDanny. (Desiree shot this……)Bridget at the aquariumDesiree, Tony and MeMe and JoeJason and meMelissa and Austin SchmidDesiree, Chelsea and me at the aquarium.

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