Hayley and Faith

Hayley and Faith are best friends. Just like their Mom’s. We had such a great time walking around the city last night. They were the perfect models. I was so impressed how they could go from smile to serious on demand! Here is a sneak peak because I knew Ang couldn’t wait much longer!They were so surprised about how much air they got.FaithHayley

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Amanda and Curtis…married

Ever since Amanda had told me she was wearing a red dress, I couldn’t stop thinking about her wedding. I referred to her as my red dress bride whenever the date came up.
So, Saturday finally came. Katie and I first met Curtis and the rest of the guys at Clipper stadium in Lancaster. There, we were let in to shoot wherever we wanted to. Curtis is a huge baseball fan and the night before, Amanda arranged for the rehearsal dinner to be in sky box at the game, plus, Curtis got to throw out the opening pitch! How is that for love!
Then we headed off to Amanda’s sisters house where the girls got ready. The first thing I said (besides say hello) was where is the dress? Amanda was stunning in it!
A few quick photos and we headed downtown to the church. It was quite a surprise when Curtis’ little sister Katie got up to sing. Of course they knew it, but I was surprised and the tears started already….
Finally, we had a rain free Saturday, so we stuck with our plan and headed toward the train tracks. This was one thing Amanda wanted. The wind, sun and everything else cooperated with us and I couldn’t have been happier!
Their reception was at the Mulberry Arts studio in Lancaster. I haven’t been there in a while so it was a great change. After the first dance, everyone filed in line to have their personally made pasta dishes. Very nice!
Amanda then danced with her mother and 2 uncles and the tears came flowing even more. (Note: this is why my camera is never away from my face at this time) It was a very emotional day and I am thankful we were able to share it with you. Here is your show!

Reception Mulberry Arts Studio

Cake Bella Manse

Cater Platinum Catering

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Neveah is 2!

Yesterday, I had a chance to shoot Nevaeh’s 2 year session. We started at the park, but being the girlie girl she is, Neveah didn’t like the dirt on the playground. So we headed back to her house to play in the yard. She didn’t seem to be feeling so well either, but we managed. Here are a few from her session.

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Nikki and Kevin…married

I was so excited for Nikki and Kevin’s wedding. Nikki expressed to me how important photographs were to her on this day. I knew from their engagement session that they were easy to photograph, and let me do whatever I wanted. Saturday was amazing! The weather was kind of iffy. It rain a little early in the afternoon when the girls were getting ready at Nikki’s house. Which by the way had the most incredible light that I could have shot there all day! No one told Nikki it was raining…until I let it slip, but she wasn’t letting it bother her. After all the girls were dressed, they gathered round and did a cheer, all hands in the circle…Go Nikki! It totally set the mood for the whole day.
We got to the church a few minutes before the ceremony and I was so stoked that Joey(big city video) was working with us again. We always work so well together!
After the mass, we had to decide where we were going to do Nikki, Kevin and the wedding party photos because our original plan became soggy. So, we drove straight up the street to the train station and that is where magic happened! The sky looked as thought it was going to storm any minute, but created the most incredible sky and backdrop. I couldn’t have planned it better myself. Near the end of shooting, the clouds parted and I the sun beamed down, almost like a big ” You’re welcome”
We then headed over to the Sheraton for a very formal reception with terrific food, a candy buffet to match the color theme and crazy dancing. Here are a few of our favorites and the show! . I hope you are enjoying Mexico!!!

Cake Dingeldein Bakery New Cumberland

Reception Sheraton

Flowers Pealers

Videography Big City Video

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Elizabeth-Jane and Steve…Married

Friday started our double header weekend with Elizabeth – Jane and Steve’s wedding in York. Everyone was prepared for the rain. We knew we were in for a soggy weekend. But it didn’t dampen anyone’s mood. Elizabeth-Jane was so excited about the bubble umbrellas she got just in case. Everything was perfect! Especially the bouquets of Peonies that
Kelly special ordered from Holland. The girls got ready at their parents house before heading over to the church. Katie and I headed over first to catch the guys before the ceremony. After a full mass, we ran outside for some fun shots while the rain did stop. But only for a moment.
We were welcomed by a sweet guy at the Outdoor Country Club who took a Polaroid of us for the guest book. Another great idea!! After a few emotional toasts, dinner was on! Elizabeth Jane wanted to make sure I got shots of all the courses because food was very important to them. It was soooo good! Katie said it was the best Filet she ever had!
The band started shortly after dinner and it was crazy the rest of the night! I always love a good rendition of Journey’s Don’t stop believing, not by the band, but everyone screaming it on the dance floor! Everything happened so fast, before we knew it, Elizabeth-Jane and Steve were running out the door through sparklers to the awaiting limo…. Check out your slideshow! .

Flower’s All Things Beautiful .

Reception Outdoor Country Club

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Bailey and Alex

Katie and I met Bailey and Alex in Central market for their senior sessions. They are best friends, so we thought it would be awesome to have their shoot together. We had so much fun with them!Alex


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Emily and Mark

Wednesday, Katie and I headed down to Philly to meet Emily and Mark at the Azalea garden near the Art museum for their engagement session. We walked around a bit exploring and sort if trespassing… I mean we technically weren’t climbing on the rocks….
Even though we were in a familiar place, you can always discover new things. We found an awesome secret spot to shoot in that most people don’t know is around there. I even got past my fear of heights for it. Here is a sneak peek!

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Jayme and Chris….married

Saturday we found ourselves back at Lauxmont Farms for Jayme and Chris’ wedding. This was a very exciting day for us, because their wedding is going to be featured in Martha Stewart Weddings in the winter! I found out a little while ago that Jayme is actually the art director of the magazine. Crazy, I know!
We arrived an hour early to shoot the details of the reception. Funny thing is, Katie and I had no idea of the color scheme of the wedding, but found ourselves matching it completely. Jayme coordinated everything to go with the colors of the inside of the rotunda. I was in awe of the amount of thought that was put in to every last thing. From the personalized box of favors, self designed cake to the photo booth guestbook. Amazing!
Once we finished there, we headed to the house where the girls were getting ready. A few quick portraits and we were off to find the guys at the sunken gardens and get in place for the ceremony. This was the first time we were at the sunken gardens and I loved the fact that we could get in so close to the action! Things were a little breezy, but by the end, the sun came out to warm things up and make for a gorgeous carriage getaway! Confetti and all!
After Jayme and Chris road around in the carriage for a bit, they came back for family shots. The ring bearer, Graham really wanted nothing to do with getting his picture taken, but after a little bribe, I could get him to do anything! He was the sweetest! ( Katie and I even hopped in the photo booth with him and he showed it to everyone the rest of the night! )
Thayer (MS photog) and I piggy backed the rest of the time to make sure we both got the shots we needed. Then we were off to the reception. Most of the night, people were back and forth to the photo booth and the dance floor. It was a crazy whirlwind day! Thank you guys for letting us be a part of it!!!
Check out your show! .

Wedding and Reception …Lauxmont Farms

Cake…Karen Rodkey

Coordinator…Betsy Kohr

Floral design Livia Cetti

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Yesterday, I got to photograph one of the cutest 3 year olds! (He’ll tell you 3 and a half) Benjamin makes me giggle whenever I see him. He is so animated and full of energy! He is also way too smart for three. So it was definitely a challenge to photograph him! After the shoot we headed to Rita’s for ice cream. I love to watch little kids eat ice cream. They are so happy!( And messy!) Here are just a few from his shoot.

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Here it is!!

The new LOGO!!! I am so excited!
For those confused, I have decided to change the studio name to just Leslie Gilbert Photography. It has been in the works for sometime and needed to be done. The temporary homepage is in place leading everyone back to this site so we can familiarize everyone with the new brand. Keep a look out for the new site coming soon and another GINORMOUS announcement!

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