Amanda and Curtis…married

Ever since Amanda had told me she was wearing a red dress, I couldn’t stop thinking about her wedding. I referred to her as my red dress bride whenever the date came up.
So, Saturday finally came. Katie and I first met Curtis and the rest of the guys at Clipper stadium in Lancaster. There, we were let in to shoot wherever we wanted to. Curtis is a huge baseball fan and the night before, Amanda arranged for the rehearsal dinner to be in sky box at the game, plus, Curtis got to throw out the opening pitch! How is that for love!
Then we headed off to Amanda’s sisters house where the girls got ready. The first thing I said (besides say hello) was where is the dress? Amanda was stunning in it!
A few quick photos and we headed downtown to the church. It was quite a surprise when Curtis’ little sister Katie got up to sing. Of course they knew it, but I was surprised and the tears started already….
Finally, we had a rain free Saturday, so we stuck with our plan and headed toward the train tracks. This was one thing Amanda wanted. The wind, sun and everything else cooperated with us and I couldn’t have been happier!
Their reception was at the Mulberry Arts studio in Lancaster. I haven’t been there in a while so it was a great change. After the first dance, everyone filed in line to have their personally made pasta dishes. Very nice!
Amanda then danced with her mother and 2 uncles and the tears came flowing even more. (Note: this is why my camera is never away from my face at this time) It was a very emotional day and I am thankful we were able to share it with you. Here is your show!

Reception Mulberry Arts Studio

Cake Bella Manse

Cater Platinum Catering

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