Calling all photographers!!

Calling all photographers!
I had the pleasure of participating in a Pay it Forward project by John and Dalisa Cooper. The purpose for this project is to photograph photographers and their families since, well, we don’t ever have a chance to be in front of the camera. As, I looked on my shelves, I noticed that it was either the kids or my kids and husband in all the pictures. So this was an awesome opportunity. As part of this project, I am Paying it Forward by photographing a few photographers and their families for FREE! This includes the session and a free 16×20 canvas. ***Photographers only***** The only other stipulation is, you have to Pay it Forward as well to another photographer and so on. Hopefully this will come back full circle! So email me if you are interested!! Families aren’t just Parents and kids….You can be a family of one and a pet as well….
Click here to see the project and their adventures along the way.

PS. after our shoot, you have to complete your shoot within 30 days….

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Natalie and Emilie

Last night, I met Natalie and Emilie at the Conestoga House for Part 1 of their senior sessions. We are going to finish up Part 2 next week. We started in the later evening and the light was lost pretty quickly. So part 2, will be a lot more laid back and just fun! These 2 girls are so sweet and crack me up. I swear we would have been best friends in High School!! NatalieEmily

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Later Friday, I met Hillary at her relatives farm in Lititz for her senior session. This place was so unique and built entirely by their cousin! I could have spent so much more time here photographing, but I think the aggressive swans had other plans! Hillary is actually taking photography in school, so it was nice to be able to help teach and shoot at the same time. Here are a few from the evening.

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Yesterday, I met Courtney in Harrisburg for her senior session. We had so much fun walking around finding different spots to shoot and trying to avoid little critters running around. Thanks for sticking with me!! Here are just a few from our adventure!

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The Stephan’s

Tonight, I met another family at the Masonic Homes for a portraits session. I am so excited about these because this is the 4th family out of this group of friends who has come to me. I have to keep changing it up since it is in the same place. Funny thing is, there is this great climbing tree that all the kids want to shoot in. I am not really sure we are supposed to climb, but we haven’t gotten yelled at yet! I decided to take the Stephan’s to one of my favorite places to shoot, the train station. It always has great light and I draw my inspiration from it. I hope you like the change up!! Here are just a few!!

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The Terry’s

Tuesday I met the Terry’s in Elizabethtown for the 3rd year. I can’t believe how big the kids are getting. Wendy told me how excited they were for the shoot which is always good. We started out with some fun portraits and then they broke out in a mock tackle football game and piggy back rides. Here are a few from their session.

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Emily and Mark…married

Saturday, Krisha came along to shoot with me at Emily and Mark’s wedding. We traveled down to Philly to the Loew’s hotel in Center City. What a kick a$$ hotel!!
After circling the block a few times past the Amish country fair… we got in the garage and headed upstairs to meet Emily. All I can say is WOW!! They had the most incredible room over looking the city. I knew we were going to have awesome day! Once Emily was ready, Mark came up to the room to see her before hand. We used the room and hotel for a lot of the shots because it had the look I was going for this time. Very classic, like an old movie. Then we headed over to Rittenhouse Square where everyone was out since the weather was so beautiful. We did have to call and hitch a ride back because Emily’s feet started to hurt after hoofing it so far.
Back at the room, we shot all the family formals and then worked our way up one floor for cocktail hour. Yes, it was before the ceremony. The best idea ever!! Everyone was ushered into another room for the ceremony where Mark an Emily walked in together. The ceremony itself was fast, but very emotional. Dinner was served promptly after the ceremony on the 2nd floor. Then, we went back up stairs for cake and dancing. We noticed that their were fireworks going off across the water. As Mark and Emily danced their first dance, the finale started and we were able to capture that in the background. What a perfect day!! Here are some of my favorites and your show!

Ceremony and Reception: Loew’s Hotel

DJ: Synergetic Sounds

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the Very AltF roadtrip…..Lancaster

Well, the fun started last Sunday evening at when a bunch of photographers got together for a little BBQ at the Wiebners since John Michael and Dalisa Cooper were coming as part of their ALTF roadtrip. We stayed for a few hours and then went to Krisha’s studio for a little Guitar Hero.
The next morning, we headed back to the Weibners for the workshop. I always enjoy watching John speak. He is truly one of a kind. I admire his spontaneity and creativeness all the time. JMC and Dalisa are also doing a project called Pay it Forward. They are shooting family portraits of photographers and their families for free. It is something so special for me because I am never in my family photos. This is pretty much why they are doing it, because we are always behind the camera.. So, Tony, myself, Braden and Kobe were photographed on Tuesday as part of Pay it Forward. The only stipulation of the shoot was, we have to continue to Pay it Forward to another photographer and their family and thus, they do the same. The point is for it eventually to come around full circle.
So, if you are a photographer, and want a family portrait done, please email me!

Also, check out JMC’s Blog to see other parts of the roadtrip and road side portraits.

Kris and JohnKrisha and ToddRockin’ Guitar HeroKris, don’t hate me…. I love this!Me, Kris and KrishaJohn and our great coupleLighting techniquesThis is part of John’s study. I loved that he incorporated everyone from class in the shot as well. And last…..our roadside family portrait!!
Thank you Cooper’s for a wonderful workshop and shooting our family. It is always great to see you two!!

Remember to check out his blog!

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Kyle, Ryan and Hailey

Last night I had the pleasure of photographing 3 awesome kids! The whole family met me at the Masonic Gardens to run around and have fun. The sky wasn’t looking too promising, and it did pour. But, once we got to the garden, it stopped and was absolutely gorgeous! So, we took advantage of the beautiful weather. Here are just a few…..

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