New Studio for a New Year!

2017 was full of ups and downs after losing my mother around Thanksgiving.  I took this year to figure out where I needed to be.  I loved being able to work out of my house and have clients over, but I knew I really needed something different.  I knew I wanted to be in downtown Lancaster and was constantly checking for the perfect space to open up.  Low and behold it did!   September 1, 2017 I signed  a lease for a space on Gallery Row.   It is exactly where I wanted and needed to be.   I will be fully moved in and working from there starting in January and am hoping to host a real open house then.   Keep an eye out for First Friday announcements and other fun things we will be doing!

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Empowerment Sessions

This past year, when I turned 40, I wanted to celebrate that with a photo session. I wanted to do something crazy and different! I felt like I was on top of the world! I bought the most gorgeous dress and went to Paris.
Now, I would love to have every woman experience how I felt. It was very Empowering!
Have you gone through something challenging? Reached a milestone age and feel incredible? Let me document it!
I am now offering Empowerment Sessions for all women!
Let’s go somewhere amazing, or stay right here! Do something for you! In studio, on location or around the world!
Call me! 717-314-7266

Empowering women
Empowering women
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We want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and thank you all for such a great year so far. We are taking a much needed break for Thanksgiving, so the office will be closed Tuesday November 25 – Tuesday December 2nd.
We will get back to all voice mails and emails when we return.

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Hotmail accounts

For those of you who STILL have a hotmail account, or have set one up for wedding vendor/info responses, for some reason, it is not accepting our replies. Just an FYI if you have not heard back from us.
PS. gmail works great!

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We have MOVED!

For those who don’t know, we moved. It was a hard decision to leave the studio behind that we took so long to build, but, I opted for a better house for my family. The boys were getting too big for our little starter home. So, over the past year, our new home was being constructed and I will have my “studio” here. We are finally settled in just in time to spend our first Christmas here.
The downside of this move has been trying to get our internet provider to actually cooperate and I have been without internet for the past 3 weeks here at the new place. There is still no answer as to the problem so, I ask that you please have patience as I am losing mine with trying to get answers. (borrowing others WIFI has been a God-send)
You will find all of our new contact information HERE
So if you have tried the old number and panicked, don’t! I tried to implement that change a while ago, but I know somo of you still had that in your address books.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

We will be closed until December 3rd for Thanksgiving and the fact that we are MOVING!!
I have very limited access to the internet due to the move and it might be a while until a certain provider will have it connected. I was told 45 days, but that is completely absurd. Please enjoy your holiday and Thank you in advance for your patience. I do have email access thanks to my phone, so I can return any questions when needed. Thanks so much!!


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VOTE Please!!

The Pa Food and Wine Show is in a few weeks at the Lancaster Convention Center. They are holding their version of the Food Network show, “Chopped” I have the opportunity to be a guest judge for the competition, but only with your votes will it happen. Voting is once daily. It only takes 3 clicks to vote, the link, my name and “Save Vote”.
Please help me get there!!!

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