Anna and Nick…married

Saturday, my friend and fellow photog Krisha helped me out with shooting Anna and Nick’s wedding. As we started driving toward Carlisle… the sky got a little scary. Once we hit King’s Gap, it poured!! We had to travel up the mountain to King’s Gap State Park
and by the time we got to the top, the rain stopped. This place was incredible and I fell in love with it!
The girls were in a back bedroom of the mansion getting ready, while the guys hung out on the terrace. Krisha and I were bouncing back and forth between the two before we left for the chapel. What a sweet little place that was as well. You could hear the rumbling of thunder during the ceremony and we were worried it wasn’t going to hold off. The storm did, just long enough for everyone to get in their cars to head to the reception. Then the hale and wind came. We were scared that a tornado was coming threw! But again like the first time we drove up the mountain, the rain stopped when we hit the top. Cocktail hour was still held in the beautiful garden as we photographed families and Anna and Nick alone. There were a few emotional toasts before dinner from both Anna and Nick’s Dads. Then came the wonderful food! Krisha and I decided to stay outside on the terrace for dinner because it over looked everything and the sunset was so incredible! I think everyone realized that because soon they were all outside sitting with us! After dinner and the sunset, there more toasts. Every single one, I teared up. These families had so much love for each other. Very incredible!
The rain had cooled everything off and dancing started outside on the terrace while they waited for the fireworks below. Hopefully, they got to see them…. sorry we didn’t get to stay!
And here as promised before you left….your show!

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