Mike, Joanna, Ryan and Megan

We are still on vacation..(Sorry, I know we have a tough life!)
Before our vacation officially started, we stayed with Mike and Joanna and 2 of their friends, Ryan and Megan. We thought it would only make sense to photograph them while we were here! Joanna and Megan are really good friends and both pregnant and due 2 weeks apart. We had such a fun time playing around on the beach and shooting super cheesy stuff as well. I am so happy we had the chance to spend part of our vacation with them. I had way too much fun picking on Mike the whole time. I’ll save the fly pics for later…. enjoy!! I am going back to the beach now…

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Tammy and Andy married…Coquina Beach

This wedding worked out perfectly! Tammy contacted me to shoot her wedding in the Outer Banks NC at the beginning of the year. It just so happened that we were going on vacation in the Outer Banks that weekend!
We headed down to Coquina Beach where the ceremony was held. In 15 minutes, the site was set up and Tammy and her father were walking down the beach to meet Andy. After a quick ceremony, we headed over to Bodie Island lighthouse for some family pics and time with Tammy and Andy. The reception was then held at The Budleigh in Manteo.
Mike Miller from Mixed up Productions DJ
kept everyone on the dance floor until they closed it down!
I wanted to get their show up for them while we were still away…

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Haley Rain

I got a call a few weeks ago that Haley Rain was born. We shot her parents wedding last year, so I was sooo excited that they called. Haley was born 5 weeks early and was a little peanut! She was up the whole time we were shooting and was looking all around. It wasn’t until I was finished that she was out in my arms… next time maybe!

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Vicky and Dino…married

Sunday was the second wedding of our weekend. My friend Erik
came to help me again. This was the most traditional greek wedding we have ever been too!!
I headed over to Vicky’s house, while Erik headed over to Dino’s to be with the guys. The morning was so relaxing with Vicky. We sat around and ate Baklava and drank frappuccino’s until the whirlwind started. All of her cousins showed up to help her get dressed. Then so quickly, she was whisked downstairs to put her shoes on and dance.
After a beautiful ceremony, we snuck Vicky and Dino around the back of the church for some private time, then it was back to the huge family waiting to shower them with love and money during the reception. What a wonderful, crazy day!! You both were amazing!! Thank you for sharing your day with us!! Check out your show!

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Jenny’s senior session

Jenny was also having to reschedule her senior session because of the rain… It seems like we can’t get a break! But, Tuesday we did! Jenny came to the studio for some quick shots and then we went wandering. Check her out!

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Ali’s senior session

After weeks of rescheduling because of the rain, I was able to photograph Ali for her senior session. We had been planning something a little different for her. She didn’t want the typical senior portraits and loved the way I interpret things. So, here is what we came up with.

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Ashley and Curtis..married Colonial Country Club

Ashley & Curtis look at each other and instantly smile. Their eyes align and you can feel this sense of love and comfort, it is so infectious and so beautiful.

The day began at Ashley’s ‘old’ house, she got ready surrounded by all her family and friends, and waited for Curtis to arrive. YOU SEE, they decided to see each other before the ceremony, which ( I personally think ) relieves some pre-wedding-aisle-walking-jitters, and gives the bridge and groom a chance to get some extra fantastic pictures. 🙂

‘ so be it ‘ said Ashley, and they were officially wed.

The reception was held at the Colonial Country Club
in Harrisburg. When you entered the ballroom, it was hard not to notice all the details. The rich deep purples, the sparkling diamonds & the orchids decorated the entire room.

Matt from Rhythm System
kept the party going all night, with some help from the the coordinator, florist, cha-cha-slide-expert, Wendy & her team from

Ashley & Curtis, we are so thankful to be apart of your special day, we feel more like family than your ‘photographers’, we laughed when you laughed, and we cried when you. .. well, we cried almost all day long, so thanks for making us look like a bunch of emotional women, ‘preciate it.

sushi soon, ashley – don’t worry.

Enjoy your honeymoon,
and enjoy your show!

Flowers and Coordinators Hammaker’s

Reception Colonial Country Club

DJ Rhythm System

Cake Dingeldein’s New Cumberland

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The Bower’s

After rescheduling our shoot 3 times because of rain, I finally had the chance to photograph the Bower’s family. Sarah wanted something a little different for her family, so I took them to my favorite spot! They were such a pleasure to work with and the girls listened to every direction I gave them. You are a lucky, beautiful family!!

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The Swarr’s

We have been super busy around here and I am trying to play catch up! Last weekend I had the opportunity to photograph the Swarr family. We met at Millersville University and had almost the whole campus to ourselves. What a beautiful day! Here are just a few…

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