Vicky and Dino…married

Sunday was the second wedding of our weekend. My friend Erik
came to help me again. This was the most traditional greek wedding we have ever been too!!
I headed over to Vicky’s house, while Erik headed over to Dino’s to be with the guys. The morning was so relaxing with Vicky. We sat around and ate Baklava and drank frappuccino’s until the whirlwind started. All of her cousins showed up to help her get dressed. Then so quickly, she was whisked downstairs to put her shoes on and dance.
After a beautiful ceremony, we snuck Vicky and Dino around the back of the church for some private time, then it was back to the huge family waiting to shower them with love and money during the reception. What a wonderful, crazy day!! You both were amazing!! Thank you for sharing your day with us!! Check out your show!

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