Last night, I had the opportunity to photograph Jenna for her acting headshots. We have been doing more of these lately and I love them! It is wonderful when a person’s true personality can come through and I can capture it. Jenna is a natural born smiler. It is so hard for her to not have a smile on her face all the time. I did have her be serious a few times and she was still stunning!

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Emma at Two

I couldn’t help but post these tonight! I love getting the email from Tera to let me know it is time for Emma’s photos. Last year I pretty much documented her first year and then did her one year session on the beach. We were off on vacations this year by a week, so the beach was a no go. Instead, I met everyone at Emma’s Pop Pops house. The light was absolutely gorgeous inside! Then we ventured into the the blazing sticky heat of the back yard. Emma walked around picking tomatoes and flowers and then spotted a butterfly. She was so stinkin’ cute when she blew kisses at it! Then out came the bubble machine… I wish you could have heard her squeal when she came running over to pop the bubbles! She was pretty much done after that. The heat had gotten to us all. So, here is Miss Emma at Two!

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Kat’s Senior session

I’ve know Kat since she was 5. It has been a long time since I saw her last and I couldn’t believe that she was going to be senior already. Kat has turned out to be an absolutely gorgeous girl!
Her Mom called me a few months ago to schedule her senior session and the day finally came. The rain didn’t stop us from shooting either! We ran around outside the studio for a while and then headed up to the train station. (My favorite place until they renovate!) We had so much fun and Kat really knows how to work the camera even though she hates her photo taken!

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La Venta Inn, Palos Verdes California

Ok, here they are! 2 weekends ago, I flew to LA to second shoot with my friend Chelsea again. This seems like a once a year thing for me now. One of these days, it will actually work out that she can fly here and shoot with me. Believe me we have tried! I don’t mind going out there though. The venues are always so incredible and nothing like we have here in Pa.
Kaoru and Patrick were married in Palos Verdes at the La Venta Inn. What an amazing day! They were so cute and we laughed with them all night!
You can read more about Kaoru and Patricks wedding on Chelsea’s blog

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Another trip

After our beach vacation, I flew to California to second shoot with my friend Chelsea. (Those pics will follow later)
I stayed an extra day to relax and see some places I have never been before. Chelsea’s favorite thing to do is go wine tasting, so we traveled to Los Olivios and stopped at a few wineries. The drive up was so beautiful as well as all the vineyards. We also realized we were very close to Neverland so we had to stop! Most of my other pics are on my phone, so maybe I will post those later! Enjoy!Vista Point

I am not a big wine drinker and Chelsea gave me a quick lesson in wine tasting. Still, they all smelled like sour grapes and some needed extra time to breathe. It was fun though, especially after the 3rd stop!

I didn’t get anything from swirling the wine around, but Chelsea insisted it help distinguish the aromas…. by this time, they all smelled the same.

We plugged in the address of Neverland in the GPS and when it said “now arriving” all we saw was yellow tape.

It was a very somber place. Some of the memorials were actually quite creepy.

Yes, we are cheesing out in front of the gates. Not a very happy place now, but it is a natural reaction to smile. RIP MJ!

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Open House success!

Now that the tent is gone…the decorations taken down…I can get back to normal. I have been a blog slacker for a while now. We were away on vacation and then I went to California to shoot a wedding with my friend Chelsea. Then it was 3 days of scrambling to get ready for the Open house! Thank you to all that came out and helped. It was such a great night on Friday! It almost felt like a wedding reception, trying to talk to everyone and not being able to spend a ton of time talking.
Saturday, we had a bunch of little ones come out for face painting and the photo booth which my new intern Jenn rocked! She has been an absolute lifesaver with everything these past few days!
So enough writing. On to pics. I didn’t shoot a ton, just because I talk a lot!
Special shout outs to

Studio Jenz for the amazing decor which was perfect!!

Lori Hemphill for helping me plan and set up. Thank you!

Jonnaysa Kirkham for putting me in touch with the right people

Grand Events Rental for the the tent and most of the set up.

Rettew’s catering for the AMAZING food! (Nicki the awesome bartender and Robin for always coming by with my snap peas)

Bella Manse for the cake and cupcakes. They were and still are delicious!

Mike Miller from Mixed up Productions for rocking it out and letting us sing “Tricky”

Jill from Floral Designs of Mount Joy for the beautiful floral arrangements that are still perfect.

To all my clients, friends and family who came out, it meant the world that you all came to see the hard work we have put into this studio. Thank you!!

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Shayne at 7 months

Our second week at the beach, I had the opportunity to photograph Shayne for the 3rd installment of his Baby’s first year sessions. His parents are also good friends of ours and we all stayed together at the beach, so it was easy to capture Shayne at different times. It also helped have my youngest son there because for some reason, whenever he would move, Shayne cracked up laughing.
Here are a few of his session.

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