Hadley and Ed…Paris, France

I can’t even begin to tell you of the amazing experience we had shooting Ed and Hadley’s wedding in France.
Liesa and I arrived Friday morning in Paris and got settled before rehearsal dinner that evening at the Hotel de France in Versaille. It was just close family and friends and we were welcomed as family.
Saturday, everyone got ready at the hotel before being shuttled to the Mayor’s office in Louvecienne. The legal ceremony has to be performed by the Mayor. Then it was off to the Catholic church for the more traditional ceremony. After being blessed with a shower of rice exiting the church, Hadley, Ed and everyone walked up the street to l’Etang for cocktail hour in which anyone can come to. Food and drinks were flowing! After 2 hours there, were walked just a little more to Ed’s parents home for dinner. They had a beautiful tent set up in their yard to host all the guest. Course after course came and it kept getting better. When it was time to “cut the cake”, the caterers brought out a flaming presentation of deserts along with the cream puff tower that Ed and Hadley cut and fed each other. Michel, Ed’s father also brought out the last bottle of wine from the grand parents vineyard and let everyone share in drinking it. After midnight, we all headed home to get ready for brunch on the lawn of the Chateau de Versaille in the morning.
By early afternoon, we all met and walked over to the Chateau gardens where we all sat, ate and took in the gorgeous view.
Later, Hadley and Ed got back in their wedding attire so we could go around Paris and shoot. I am still sitting here not believing it….
Michel drove us around to some of the place they wanted to go. We did stop at the Eiffel tower for a few minutes until some of the World Cup soccer fans started rocking Michel’s car an almost rioting…so we got out fast. The last place we went was the Palais-Royal. I had been dreaming of this place for weeks. There were a ton of tourists, but I managed to pull it off!
My terrible writing really does not sum up everything that we saw, or how the trip went, so I will let the images speak for themselves.
Stay tuned for Part Deux from PSU.

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