Jen and Derek….married

“At least it wasn’t raining” was the theme for Saturday. Everyone kept saying how hot and sticky it was. But it was beautiful no matter what for Jen and Derek’s wedding.
This was only the second time I did a wedding at the Conewago Manor Inn. . I had never been inside before. Wow! What a great little hidden gem! I could have shot in there all day!
Jen and Derek did things the way I like….they decided to see each other before the wedding and do all their pics before the ceremony. This way, we could take our time and then they could freshen up and relax. They were also able to go right to their cocktail hour and be with all their guests.
Katie and I hung out with the girls to start and then we took Jen to a different floor of the manor for some awesome shots. Jen was such a beautiful bride with the cutest smile!
Then Jen and Derek saw each other for the first time. They are so sweet together and it was like no one else was around.
We had some fun with the whole wedding party outside. But it was hot!! So, we finished with them and sent them back in to cool off, until I found a great little shelled out building. I didn’t want Jen to get dirty before the wedding b/c I didn’t know if the shout wipes would fix it, so we didn’t get down and dirty with them. I told Jen she can always dress up again for an after session and not worry about the dirt…
After a short and sweet ceremony, everyone headed over to the Patio for cocktail hour and then the reception under the tent. Once all the formalities were over, the DJ kicked it up and the dance floor was packed the rest of the night! The grandparents were giving some of the younger crowd a run for their money!
We had such a good time! Thanks for letting us share in your special day! Check out your show !!

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