Katie and Tim…married

Katie and Tim’s wedding was our first of the weekend. We started out at Katie’s parents house while the girls got ready. It was hard to keep track of them all because the house had so many rooms and most of the girls looked way too much alike! It was a very calm place though. No rushing and no real nerves yet. For the ceremony, we headed to St Mary’s in York. Everything seemed to be running fine until no one was coming down the aisle……It was so sweet, Katie’s grandmother was a little late and Katie didn’t want to start the ceremony without her. There was a great sigh of relief when she came through the door. Smooth sailing from there.
I took Katie and Tim after the ceremony to the balcony and stairs for a little private moment since I knew it would be chaotic after we left. I am so glad I did. The light was amazing.
Between the ceremony and reception, we stopped at Box Hill country club for some family formals and more of the wedding party. There was so much time in between, the wedding party went back to the house and my Katie and I went to the Outdoor Country Club to hang with the guests and get some detail shots before it all started.
Once Katie and Tim arrived the party started and was still going when we left. Thanks to JJ Michaels!! We had a great time! Here are a few from Saturday and your
slideshow !!

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