Trick or Treat

Well, it was a success! I was a little worried about trick or treat this year because last year, Braden freaked out when we put a monkey costume on him. But for the past week or so, all he talked about was being a horse and getting candy in his bucket. He would tell everyone he saw ” I go Trick or Treat and get candy in my bucket?” Everything is in the form of a question these days. So the time came and he got dressed no problem! It was great this year since we didn’t turn the clocks back yet and had a little more light to start. We met up with Kobe and Braden’s cousins like we do every year and hit the biggest neighborhood we can find. Kobe decided to be an Indian since his cousin was a cowboy.
In this neighborhood, we always start at the same house because they go all out with the blow up monsters, skulls, smoke and creepy noises. I thought this was the end of trick or treat for Braden. He went up to the house, and as soon as something moved and made a noise, he took off backward and knocked half the stuff over in the yard. I quick snatched him up and headed to a quieter house. After almost 2 hours, we called it a night. Overall, the kids got a ton of candy and had a good time. Now someone needs to hide the candy from me….

Cousin Jake the lion…

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