Jen and Greg

This morning, I met Jen and Greg in Harrisburg for their engagement session. I underestimated how cold it really was when I went outside. I didn’t realize it until I was walking down an alley to meet them at the walking bridge. Plus, the wind was brutal! We walked around the city for a while finding different places to shoot than I normally do. When we turned a corner, we saw a huge crowd of people, so we walked down to see what was going on. The line went all the way around the corner and I thought, “Oh my gosh!” “Obama is here!” We started getting closer to everyone and decided to peek around the corner just to make sure. Not a good idea….the crowd thought we were butting in line and started to yell….but we all laughed when they realized we weren’t there for the same reason. Turns out it was only a line for tickets to see Obama when he speaks in a bit.
We did have a great time and I am looking forward to the wedding next month. It is so great to have a couple interact with each other as well as these two! Here are a few from our walk.

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