Page and Jim…married

Saturday was the start of a busy weekend. Liesa and I headed down to Chadd’s Ford near Philly for Page and Jim’s wedding. We started at the hotel where everyone was getting ready. We found Page in the suite where she was waiting for her sister in law to help with the makeup process. So, in the meantime, we took the guys outside for some fun shots.
One of the groomsman’s phone ran and I was instructed that the bride wanted the guys to get their photo in front of Hooters which was right next door. I was happy that there were so laid back and didn’t care what we did. When we went back in to check on Page, she was just about ready to leave for the Museum. Liesa and I headed over to the Brandywine River Museum to get the details and wait for everyone to arrive. The ceremony was to be outside, but last minute, they changed and had everything on the second floor of the museum. It was set up great and luckily, I could go around in a big circle to get everything.
After the ceremony, we were racing against time with the light to get everything in, but ended up having fun with the lights outside the museum and some of our own lights.
This was an amazing venue! Unfortunately, we didn’t get to take advantage of the outside very much, but we had a fun pushing ourselves inside.
Here is your show!

Wedding and Reception Brandywine River Museum

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The perfect gift

It is never to early to think about the Holidays! They are right around the corner. If you are struggling for the perfect gift, I have it!
Why not give someone the gift of portraits? Call or email me for details and how to get one!! You can purchase them for any dollar amount.

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Barb and Ross…married

Saturday was an absolutely gorgeous day for a wedding! Barb and Ross were getting married in Ross’ family’s back yard. You would think by how immaculate this was landscaped, that Ross’ Mom had plans years ago to hold Ross’ wedding here. It was perfect! Liesa and I arrived at the house and found everyone in the backyard finishing laying out the bed of petals for the aisle. Kelly did an amazing job on the flowers everywhere as well.
Once Barb was dressed, we grabbed a few shots and then she headed downstairs to hide out before the ceremony. It was so cute to watch Barb get so excited about all the people arriving and the fact that she could see Ross, but he couldn’t see her. When the last shuttle of people arrived, the ceremony begun. Barb came down the aisle with her Father and Ross just lit up!
During the ceremony, there were a few small interruptions, but the pastor made light of the circumstances and everyone got a good chuckle. He also told a story of how Barb never really said yes to Ross when he proposed, that she immediately just started planning the wedding. So Ross got down on one knee and asked again. She said yes and the tears were flowing! When all was said and done, the guest got on the shuttles again and headed for the Hamilton Ball room. We stuck around for awhile to do family shots and spend some time with Barb and Ross.
The reception was beautiful. All the tables had amazing centerpieces and candles filled the room and stage. We got to Hamilton a bit before most of the guests. So, as I was photographing the one table, I felt like someone was close to me and then I jumped. There next to me was a life-size cut out of Elvis in his gold lame’ suit. I knew he was going to be there, but just didn’t see him next to me. It is a family joke between Ross’ Dad and Aunt. They are constantly sending each other Elvis memorabilia, so of course the King had to be placed at the Aunt’s table. He even got to dance for a bit.
After dinner, I snuck Barb and Ross out to take more photos. I love doing this because it seems to be a welcome break from all the greeting of family and gives them a few minutes to take in the day. These always tend to be my favorite images because they are so relaxed.
So here are a few from the day and your show.

Flowers All Things Beautiful

DJ Occasions DJ

Cake Byers Butterflake

Reception Hamilton Ballroom

Caterer Olde Greenfield Inn

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Monday, I met Mike at the Lancaster airport for a portrait session. Mike flies helicopters for a living and wanted something to represent him. He pull one of the main helicopters out of the hanger to use for his session. I was able to sit in one for the first time and learn what everything was used for. We didn’t get to take one up, (darn it) but it was interesting! After we were done shooting, he showed me a special project. We went through another dark hanger and behind a secret panel to find wrecked helicopters that he was helping restore. He was standing there telling me about one that was almost finished when I saw this amazing light peaking in on him. So I had to shoot more.
Here are just 2 of my favorites for our shoot.

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Welcome to Leslie Gilbert Photography

It is finally here!! The new site!! It has been a long time in the making. I know the name change might be confusing for a while, but I think it is going to be an amazing journey of reinventing myself, my style and starting fresh! The blog is pretty simple. You can now search by categories if you are looking for something imparticular, or use the search option. You can now leave comments instead of the feedback button. The images are also going to be bigger. Yeah!! So, take a look around and let me know what you think!
Thanks to everyone who help me along the way. I have thanked you over and over again.
Special thanks to Jen and Steve Bebb who are the ones who gave me that little push to do this.
Brock and Dave, you guys are so patient and so talented. Thank you!!
And my family. You guys have put up with so much. It will be worth it, I promise! Ok, enough of the mush….check it out!

(All new post will be below here…keep scrolling)

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$1500 wedding giveaway!

That is right!! Want to win $1500 to use toward me as your wedding photographer? What do you have to do?
I am part of a great photography network site called Photographik.
They are conducting a contest to win $1500 toward the photographer of your choice. (me) 😉
All you have to do is go to and in 500 words or less, tell your engagement story. They are looking for fun, creative or romantic stories. Once you write your story, upload a photo of the two of you and then tell all your friends and family to come and vote. The highest ratings win! Easy!!!!
So go now!!

Deadline is December 1st.
Winner announced on December 15 th.

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Yes, I am a geek

So, last night I was on my way home from a shoot and I noticed that there was a ton of traffic in town. Once I got closer, I saw what everyone was slowing down for….
If you don’t already know, I live in Mount Joy and it is a very small town. So when something new opens or happens, it is a big deal.
Yes, Sonic is now open in Mount Joy! I am a geek. I did stop and shoot. But as you see, it wasn’t of just Sonic opening…they had some pretty hot cars in the drive in.
I did not stop to eat…they were only serving ice cream so far….
Honestly, I am excited. I have never been to Sonic and I know it isn’t the healthiest of choices, but guaranteed, I will be getting chili cheese tater tots…..

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Isabella at 10 months

Saturday, I headed back it Isabella’s for her 3rd shoot of her baby’s first year sessions. She is growing so fast and changing so much! She has really developed a sweet personality and is quite active! We stayed inside this time since it was so wet from raining the day before. But, she managed to get all over the house very quickly. Here are just a few…

Isabella’s Dad had her hand prints tattoed on his back. She loves to look at them.

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