Hadley and Ed, Part 2 Penn State Schreyer House

After Liesa and I got home from Paris, we began missing our new ‘french’ family, the Spaniers, Cuilhe’s, and all of our new friends that adopted us into their families. Luckily for us, Ed & Hadley got to do it again, that’s right – they also let us ‘follow them’ around for an American wedding. The entire wedding was held in Hadley’s parents backyard. The ceremony was so personal and intimate with Hadley’s father officiating and reception was so beautiful! The details took us right back to France.
The party went on all night thanks to Tommy Wareham and Graham’s one man band!
Hadley and Ed, thank you so much for introducing us to our new love for France ( or just the baguettes )
We are crossing our fingers for a third wedding reception, just so we can party and photograph you both again!

Mmmmmmmmmmmmm Macaroons!!

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