What a great time!

Last night, myself, The Wiebner’s, Jeremy Hess, Matthew Tennison, and Kris McElligott went down to New Jersey for a huge get together of photographers that are part of the DWF. (Digital Wedding Forum) I love long road trips because you find out so many things about people you never knew. We always have a great time traveling together. But I am not sure they will want me to drive again….
These gatherings are always great opportunities to talk to new people and get inspiration from those we have looked up to.
It was graciously held at Cliff Mautner’s studio. What an incredible space! I got to see old friends and make new ones and have a blast! Here are a few..
The Wiebners should have some on their blog soon.

Douglas Benedict, Rita, Mark Gardner, me and Joe CraigMatthew’s famous hand talking.

Pick a winner Jeremy?

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Brennan’s First Year

As I had posted previously, I had the opportunity to document Brennan’s first year in the world.
With most Baby’s first year packages, I put together a book to highlight every session. Here are a few pages from Brennan’s.

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Poor Mount Joy

Last night, a horrible fire ripped through a row of homes and businesses on Main St. in Mount Joy. We heard the sirens and knew it was bad. It seems like our town keeps taking one hit after another, but we will pull together to get through it.
I headed down there today to see exactly what was gone…..
Our thoughts and prayers go out to all the victims.

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Brent, Renee and Baby E

One of the things I love the most about being a wedding photographer, is the close relationships I form with my clients. A relationship that makes them come to me whenever there is another event in their life that they want documented. I am always honored when a couple calls me to say ” Hey we’re pregnant! ” “Can you do our pictures?” Then to have them tell me they want me to do the baby’s photos once he or she is born.
I photographed Renee and Brent’s wedding almost 4 years ago and now they are expecting their first child! I was so excited when Renee called to tell me. So here are a few from our session last night. Look for Baby E’s first photos around the beginning of April !! Congratulations!

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Has it been a year already??

Wow! One year ago, Brennan came into this world and I am so truly blessed to have been a part of his first year! 3 years ago, I photographed his parents, Ken and Cindy’s wedding. So, when I ran into Ken last year and he told me Cindy was ready to pop, I knew what I wanted to do for them.
Last night was Brennan’s first birthday party. What a special time it was to celebrate with all of the family. Ken’s parents flew in from California to be there for their first grandson’s birthday. Cindy’s parents and brothers were there as well, although, the men seemed to disappear around kickoff time…..
So, with that, here are some of Brennan’s 1st birthday pics to finish off his Baby’s first year. I will put up his complete book soon.

Brennan at 1 month4 months8 months

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Calling all Lancaster Mom’s!

For the second year, Lancaster Newspaper’s is publishing a Mother’s Day tribute section on Mother’s Day, May 13th. All Mother’s in Lancaster or who have children in Lancaster are invited to have their photos taken to be published in this edition. The fee for insertion is $30. The deadline is March 23rd, but my last day for appointments will be March 19th. If you are interested, give me a call to set up an appointment.

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The Show

Well, it went great! This was the first Bridal show I had ever done. I really wasn’t too interested in them before, so I thought, “Why not?” What a great crowd! The traffic was nonstop! ( I think it also helped we were right next to the chocolate fountain)
This was a lot of work to put together. I got a lot of ideas from fellow photographers as to what would work and what wouldn’t. So, I though instead of having the same old boring table set up, why not make it like home.
Thank goodness I had Katie and Liesa with me, b/c I couldn’t keep up with all the girls. Thanks to everyone who stopped by! Drop me an e-mail if you didn’t get a chance to talk to us!

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Andy and Melissa

Saturday, Andy and Melissa were married at the Trinity Evangelical Church in Lititz. Andy works with my husband, so it was a little more personal. I was a photographer and a guest.
The day started off nice and slow. I love when there isn’t so much craziness before the wedding. Plus, Melissa had 8 bridesmaids! We called them the first and second string. 🙂
The day was pretty rainy, so we didn’t go outside much. But, we made good use of the light in the church.
Afterward, we headed to the Lantern Lodge in Myerstown. Great food, fabulous cake, and amazing entertainment! I finally got to do a wedding with Stan Tucker. He really kept everyone on the dance floor! Thank you for letting us be part of your day!!
Here’s a little show for you!

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Jessica and Loui

Jessica and Loui are getting married in May, so they wanted to have their engagement session done a few months before. Unfortunately, that falls in the Winter! Thursday, we headed out in the afternoon even though Loui wasn’t quite awake yet.
It is always nice when a couple says, “We’ll go wherever you want” even if it means we could get chased out of somewhere!
It was freezing, but it was worth it!

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