Savannah the “Princess” is 3

Monday, she was offically 3, but on Sunday, my family celebrated Savannah’s birthday. It was a small gathering b/c our track record with birthdays and people getting sick are not good….
She is the only girl on my families side, so of course, she is a princess. I admit, I spoil her because I have no one to buy barbies for in my house or play dress up or put ponytails in their hair… I am sure I could with my boys, but I don’t really think they would appreciate it….
You can see by their faces in the slideshow that they aren’t too happy about having to wear princess crowns instead of party hats.
She enjoyed it…and I enjoyed watching her try to skate in my Mom’s kitchen. I forgot how slippery it was!
Enjoy your show Birthday Girl!!Baked beans with dinner!

Her favorite new movie!!

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Last November, I shot Monica and Les’ wedding. I was so thrilled when Monica contacted me early last year to tell me she was pregnant and wanted me to photograph the baby when it was born. I was so happy for them! Then in December, Monica
e-mailed to say he was born and was in the NicU and hopefully he would be home before Christmas. Thank God he was!
So, Monday I went over to see the little peanut. He is so tiny! He was such an easy subject and his little watch dog takes good care of him. Nikolaus’ little “Angel”
Thanks guys for letting me be part of a special time in your life!

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Lancaster Host Bridal Show

I know I mentioned it before, but it got lost in the other posts….so….
Sunday, January 21st, we will be at the Lancaster Host Bridal Show. Admission is $5.00, but if you Click here, you can get $2.00 off.
ALSO, if you mention this blog entry at the show and book with us, you will recieve a $200 print credit.
Hope to see you there!!

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Melissa and Gregory

2 weeks ago, Melissa called me from Hawaii to tell me she was engaged. She wanted to know if I was available on January 3rd. This January 3rd? Yes! Since she was coming home for Christmas, why not? It was a Wednesday, so I didn’t see there being scheduling conflict! 🙂
I have known Melissa for the past 10 years since I moved to Mount Joy. She is a bit distantly related by marriage, but we are all famliy anyway! I was honored to do this wedding. Gregory has to be the most polite, charming and considerate person I have ever met. You can tell he is totally in love with Melissa by the way he looks at her. He told me that the first time he ever saw her, he knew she was it! That was in May!! What an amazing couple!
So, they had a small wedding at our church and a mini reception afterward. Then as dusk grew closer, we raced to Longwood Gardens where we had a great time sneaking around to secluded spots. There is a much longer story to our visit there, but I will leave that for another time. Well guys, here is part one of your wedding slideshow….hopefully I can be there for part Two in Hawaii this summer!! Enjoy your show!

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Diana and Bill

Happy New Year Everyone!!!!

Well, Saturday we had the pleasure of photographing Diana and Bill’s wedding in New Cumberland. They day started out crazy because Diana left her makeup in the Limo that just left to pick up the guys….20 minutes before the ceremony it arrived and it was rush, rush to start on time. Whew!
Between the ceremony and reception, we had 2 hours to do whatever we wanted! Diana and Bill were up for anything! Diana told me a few weeks ago she wanted to do fun stuff in Harrisburg by the river…I was thinking..” In January?” But even though it was a little chilly, it wasn’t freezing like I expected…( the bridesmaids will tell you different ;)…) Then we gave the wedding party a break and they got back in the limo to warm up while we walked around Harrisburg. Back alleys during the daytime are awesome!!
Then once we were finished, we all headed to the Hilton for a beautiful reception. Good food, great music and E-A-G-L-E-S!!!!!
Bill, this is for YOU before you go back!

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Amber and Brett

Saturday, Katie and I met Amber at home while she was getting her hair done. There were so many girls there getting ready, but only Amber’s sister was actually in the wedding. It was crazy! I kept complimenting Amber on her taste in decor. The colors of her walls were bold! I was wishing she decided to get dressed there because the shots would have been amazing! I told her she had to get in her dress again when they get back so I can photograph her on the chair in their bedroom.
After the house, we headed to Hershey for the wedding and reception. We met Brett, his brother and the Dad’s for formals and to figure out where everything was.
As everyone walked into the ceremony room, they were greeted by Champagne and a bell choir. Not to mention the constant smell of Chocolate. (Heaven!)
I know this is getting long, but I have never seen such and exquisite reception as this. Every guest found their name on an ornament and once they found their table, they hung the ornament on a Christmas tree for Amber and Brett. In the corner sat a table about 20 ft long, covered in home made cookies and huge vases of chocolate. You took a stocking and filled it til your hearts content!
I could go on and on, but I will let the slideshow explain!
Have fun in Paris!

Did I not tell you!!!

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One excited kid!

Ok, I was having some fun, but you’ve got to admit…it is funny!
My son Kobe has to be one of the most enthusiastic present opener I have ever seen. I know a lot of it has to do with the sports stuff….but it cracks me up!!!!

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I promise, after Saturday, I will have some new stuff on here!! 4 more weddings in fact…maybe some Christmas fun too!

But, the reason for this entry is to hopefully tug at your heartstrings….

Just over the weekend, a family from the school my husband teaches for, lost everything in a fire. EVERYTHING!! I can’t even imagine something like that happening. So, we are rallying up the troops and getting donations to help them since they have nothing.
Now, I am not asking you to send money, I just wanted to put out a reminder that there are so many families that have nothing this holiday season. If you feel it in your heart and you see something that makes you say, “Hey, I can help”…Do it! Whether it be Toys for Tots, the Salvation Army, anything….. Giving feels so good!

Please take care this Holiday Season!


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My sweet boys

Since the year is winding down and I am catching up on all my work to get everything out for Christmas, I am just now getting to my own Christmas cards. Every year for our family card, I usually dress my kids up and do a silly card. But, this year, I decided to keep it simple and and show how sweet my boys are. They are growing up so fast! So I wanted to share with you my gifts from God!
I know we are all so busy with trying to get our shopping done and writing our Christmas cards. Everything is so rush, rush, rush! Let us all remember that Jesus is the reason for the season!

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