Stevie and Andy

I must have been out of my mind today! I met Stevie and Andy in Harrisburg for their engagement session. Holy Cow it was cold! We started down at the river front and I wasn’t sure we were gonna make it! The wind was constant and bitter cold! But, once we walked into the city, it was fine. We had such a good time talking and getting to know one another. Then we went to Fort Hunter for a change of scenery. There were a few events going on there that we had to avoid, but managed to get by.
I will know from now on to bring my gloves on a day like today!!
Here are a few of my favs…..

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Celebrity look – a- like

I saw this on another blog today and thought I would try it. I warn you, it does get addicting. You have to have a shot of you looking almost straight ahead. I don’t have very many of those and it kept rejecting the pics I already had. So I shot one of me quick. I know, like I don’t have enough work to do….
I thought you might want to try it too!!!
Here is mine….Never thought I looked like them before…..

Have fun!!

Ok, so I had to do my husband too….
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Long time friends

Mary, Vicky, Amanda, Kelsey and Natasha have all been friends since highschool. Now in college and living in different places, they all still seem to have a close friendship that is very rare for a group to have. I loaded them up in my Mom van and we drove around to different places to shoot. Just listening to them giggle and talk about all the things they do together made me miss my girlfriends!
They were fun to hang out with and I actually didn’t feel old this time!!

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Family , Food and the Cross-eyed angel?

Yes, yes, I know….What the heck?
Every Thanksgiving my family gets together at my Mom’s house for dinner. After dinner, my sister and I put up the Christmas tree. Kelly would put on the lights just like my Dad used to. Then comes the fun, the reminiscing over the ornaments we made growing up, tinsel or no tinsel and then….who gets to put on the cross-eyed angel ornament. This thing is older than I am…I don’t know how it started either, but my sister decided to call me up earler today to say it was her turn to hang it…(like kids fighting) ” nuh uh, you got to do it last year!” It was my turn!! She was the first thing I hung today!! Happy Thanksgiving!!

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Katie and Tim

Today, I headed up to Rocky Ridge park to meet Katie and TIm for their engagement session. It was a little chilly, but a nice day to walk through the park. I did find out, I have no sense of direction when it comes to being in the woods! I get turned around so fast…
Rocky Ridge has a cute little Christmas light show set up to walk through opening next weekend that we got to preview on the way to the look out. What a great view! I actually faced my fear of heights to grab a few shots. It is always nice to have couples that are willing to do anything to get the shot! Especially a few days after running a marathon! That is still amazing to me guys! I hope you have a safe trip back home! Let me know how the seatbelt situation turned out!

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Ask the Expert….

My friend Matt asked me to be a part of his new website that caters to South Central Pa brides as part of a panel of experts.
This is a great new resource to help brides find the perfect vendors for their wedding. There is also a message board to talk to other local brides for help and suggestions. So go check it out and drop me line if you need help with anything!!
Unique Celebrations

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Jen and Derek

My Saturday started off in Philadelphia, my old home, (well for 2 years) for Jen and Derek’s engagement session. We met them at Logan Square and then walked around the city for a while. Big cities are such a great place for this because there is always a hidden treasure of a spot! And what an incredible day we had! I was a little leary about doing a session so late in the season, but it was perfect!!! Thanks guys for humoring me a bit with my requests!!

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Barbara Ann And Michael

The second half of my Saturday was spent with Barbara Ann and Michael. They met us at the Art Museum in Philly. What a perfect spot for these two since it was exactly one year that the got engaged at the Art Museum. What a cute story! Michael took Barbara Ann there for a date and he had secretly had roses and a cute table set up in the Crusades exibit. She couldn’t figure out why he was so adamant about getting her to come back in the room. It was the perfect quiet spot to “Pop” the question.
So we did some great shots inside! Outside was almost like a circus trying to avoid at least 6 wedding parties having their photos done as well. It must be the hot spot in Philly!
Enjoy guys!!

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Averie, Jocelyn, and Gracie

These are my girls! Not really, but since I don’t have girls, these are the closet I can get! My friends, Val and Karen came to me to get the girls pictures done since it has been long over due!
Who knew that my new studio furniture would make such a cute prop!!GracieJocelynAverie

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