Dione and Boonta…married

This was the first double ceremony for Katie and I. Dione and Boonta decided to represent both of their cultures for their wedding day. The morning started out at Boonta’s families house where the traditional Laotian ceremony was held. There were a ton of people running around beforehand making so much food for after the ceremony and later in the night.
We were all in a smaller room gathered around Dione and Boonta and close family. They sat in front of 2 “trees” called phakouanh which are holding fruit and rice. They are given strings to hold which have been blessed while the “minister” is chanting over them. Then, they feed each other eggs which have been given to them but the family. When all this is done, the guests take small strings from the tree and tie around Dione and Boonta’s wrist while blessing them. They then have to wear them for 7 days. Once this ceremony and small reception were over, we all headed over to the Lancaster Arts Hotel where most of the bridesmaids and groomsmen were getting ready. Dione had to start all over again with hair and makeup for the American ceremony.
Let me just tell you, Dione wanted nothing that was like anyone else. Her ideas were so unique, from her dress, to the amazing bouquet/sphere that Kelly from All Things Beautiful put together for her, to the beautifully decorated reception. Things just kept getting better!
The ceremony was held at the Ephrata Cloister. This place was so photographically beautiful. The light was so amazing. After the short ceremony, we all headed to Liberty Place in Lancaster for a huge party. Unlike American receptions, the Lao tradition is to have a huge party for friends and family even if they don’t come to the ceremonies. The number of people went from about 75 to 400. It was crazy!! We arrived at Liberty Place, we headed right into the room where everything was taking place to grab some shots before cocktail hour was over. There at the front of the stage was what I was waiting for….the crazy cake! ( House of Clarendon)
I knew Dione wouldn’t disappoint with that! Here are a few sneak peaks and your show !!

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