Lindsay and Ryan

Saturday, Katie and I had the joy of photographing Lindsay and Ryan’s wedding. They got married at Jerusalem Luthran Church in Rothsville. It was under construction in certain parts, but we found some interesting spots for photo ops. We made the most of our time since the limo was late picking them up to our second destination for formals, since it broke down…. We didn’t have much daylight left, so we all jumped in 3 cars and headed out. So, instead of an hour or so for formals that Lindsay had wanted, we had 10 minutes. We got them done just in time. Then we were off to the Revere Tavern for the reception. I love doing receptions there because the food is awesome!!
Ok, so I should explain the penguins…I have never seen anything like this before. When we got to the church we saw this big box of penguins. They felt like stress relievers. Katie and I were like little kids playing with these things. So as you can see we had some fun….Then we were informed that Lindsay and Ryan love penguins, but these weren’t the right ones they ordered. So the company sent them the right ones and they used them at the reception. How cute are they!!! I hope you guys have a great “fly by night” honeymoon!
Here is your show!

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New York

Yesterday, I headed up to New York with the Wiebner’s, Lori Stringer and Kingston to Photo Expo Plus. It is a great Trade show where there are tons of new products and “toys”. I love going to these things so I find new things that you will love! Plus, it is a great road trip and you always learn something new about people on road trips!!
Most of us didn’t bring our huge cameras to avoid carrying them all day, but I feel like I missed out. So I tried with my dinky point and shoot! Hopefully I will have more to post once Kingston gets them to us…He is the only one who brought his!!Oh my gosh we look like tourists!!

Dock at Hoboken.
What a spectacular view!

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Hannah and Jon

Friday, Liesa and I headed to First United Methodist Church in Mechanicsburg for Hannah and Jon’s wedding. Then off to Liberty Forge for the reception. The weather wasn’t looking to good for us, so, we made the most of it! I have never seen a bride who didn’t care that it was raining! Everyone was a good sport when we doing pictures in the freezing rain!! So worth it!
I hope you guys get to see these before your Honeymoon!

Hereis your show!

Thanks Beth for your arm!

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The Shaffer’s

Because it was raining Friday night, Nikki called and said let’s just do the family in the studio….Well, on Saturday morning, 30 minutes before they left to come here, the sun came out. I called them right away and said “Meet me at Speedwell, we’ll chance it!”
I am so glad we did! We finished just in time before the crazy wind started. Here are a few of my favoites!

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Daphne and Richard

Sunday, I headed to Lancaster to meet Daphne and Richard for their engagement shoot. We met at their church and walked around the city a bit. I love doing engagement sessions like this because it gives me a chance to hang out and get to know my couples before I am with them all day on their wedding.
Here are a few of my favorites!

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Melanie and Nathan..married

Yesterday, Melanie and Nathan were married at the Lititz Springs Park. I was a little scared b/c the weather has been a little unpredictable the past few days. But it was perfect! Well, to those of us with coats on…Melanie’s Mom was almost in convulsions, she was shivering so bad!
After the wedding, we headed to the General Sutter for one of the most enjoyable receptions! This party was happening! I think Katie(my assistant) found herself a few new boyfriend’s!
What a great time guys!! Thanks!! Even the wedding crashers didn’t spoil a thing!!
For you!

I caught this just as he was ready to make his move on Katie!
This guy was hysterical!

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Maggie and Andy

Holy cow it was windy today!! I met Maggie and Andy in Lancaster for their engagement session. I wasn’t sure with the rain earlier today, that we would be able to do this. But it cleared up and dropped about 20 degrees with gusting winds!! They stuck it out though!!
I wanted to get these up tonight for them since this weekend is crazy!
Enjoy guys!! Talk to you soon!!

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Brennan at 8 months

I have been photographing Brennan since he was 2 weeks old. It is amazing to watch him grow! It is always a few months between each shoot, so I couldn’t believe how big he is!!
What a sweetheart!
Thanks Ken and Cindy, for allowing me to be a part of your lives!
LeslieHe was all about my camera…

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Andy and Melissa

Yesterday, I met Andy and Melissa in Lititz for their engagement session. We went to the park for a while and then headed off to Andy’s godparents. They had a fabulous backyard! Andy actually teaches with my husband, so it was nice to hang out with one of his friends! Thanks for breaking some rules and fences to get the shot!!

Bear with my cheeziness today!!

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Gretchen and Kevin

Ok, so I was a little excited about today’s wedding, that I came home and got right to work.
I was truly blessed to have been part of their wedding. What a great couple! Their wedding was held in Hummelstown and then we headed to Founder’s Hall for formals. Later we ended up at Gretchen and Kevin’s home for the reception. Despite the high winds and the cold weather, it was perfect. Every detail was taken care of by Gretchen, including the cake! I wish I could tell you more about the day, but you really had to be there! Thanks guys for letting us be apart of you wedding and making us feel so welcome! Have fun in Williamsburg! I know I said this all day, but you guys are so cute!! Enjoy!

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